Special Topics in CBPR


After these sessions, fellows will be able to describe how their research is affected by the following topics:
  • Ethics
  • Participant recruitment and retention
  • Grant writing
  • Community based assessments
  • Dissemination


After these sessions, fellows will be able to
  1. Understand the ethical “gray areas” inherent in their projects
  2. Recruit participants to their studies
  3. Find grants to fund their study
  4. Publish and implement the findings of their study

Generalizable Principles

These five CBPR topics can be described in a variety of ways; narrow descriptions that focus solely on the students’ project areas may help students to better utilize this information, while broad descriptions provide students with solid theoretical background in the material.  We tailored these topic areas to suit the research needs of our students. The following lesson plans should be used as examples of ways to refine broad CBPR topics into easily digestible sessions that are immediately useful to the students.


Contact Information

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