Research Methods


Jennifer Alvidrez, Janice Tsoh, Bill McConnell, Pat Arean, Pat Bennett


To provide fellows with a background in research methods for community-based research


After this short course, fellows will be:
  1. Familiar with common designs in community-based research and program evaluation including mixed-methods approaches
  2. Able to list strengths and limitations of different types of common study designs
  3. Able to identify what designs and methods are best suited for particular types of research questions

Generalizable Principles

  • Introduction to the hierarchy of evidence
  • Underlying principles of establishing evidence-based practice
  • Application of research questions in guiding what designs and methods to use


Assessment Data and Learner Feedback

  • Learner reaction and satisfaction was assessed using 6-point scales.  Participants also rated overall organization, teaching materials, and quality of faculty facilitation. 
  • Participants were very satisfied with the organization and faculty facilitation of this course. “Course Organization and Administration” received a mean rating of 4.17, and “Quality of Faculty Presentations” received a 4.50 out of 6 total. 
  • Relevancy to your own community-based research project and training” only received an average rating of 4.00, indicating that the topics covered could be focused more toward the student’s research interests.
  • The biggest recommendation for improvement was the integration of “More in class 'workshop' activities” that apply lecture topics to the students’ personal projects

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Bill McConnell,
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