Overview of CBPR

Educational Aims

To provide fellows with a background in community based research


After this short course, fellows will:
  1. Be familiar with the historical roots of community based research
  2. Understand the different theories that drive CBR, and apply those theories to the methods and principles used in their pilot research projects
  3. Identify where their research project falls in the CBR continuum
  4. List the pros, cons and benefits of CBR models of research

Generalizable Principles

  • Cross cutting theory with regard to the roots of CBR
  • Introduction to engaging communities
  • Underlying principles of partnership building
  • Methods for establishing roles and responsibilities in research partnerships


Contact Information

  • Patricia Arean, pata@lppi.ucsf.edu
  • Ricardo Munoz, Ricardo.munoz@gmail.com
  • Patricia Bennett, pbennett@resourcedevelopment.org