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In my spare time am I doing some Volunteer Work at Wikipedia - the free Encyclopedia everybody can edit.

 I contributed to several Articles where I have enough knowledge about the topic to provide usefull content. 

Articles about ASCII and ANSI Text Art and of course Internet Marketing, from Affiliate Marketing to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) which includes the use of PPC (Pay per click) Services like Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, Ask Sponsored Search and the new Microsoft AdCenter which is currently in beta.

Offering help is not enough

I also try to help with their increasing problem of Link Spam by making recommendations for it's detection and prevention.

My knowledge about Search Engine Optimization comes very handy when it comes to that, but I had to realize, that just having the knowledge and the will to help and do volunteer work is by far not enough to solve anything at Wikipedia.

It seems to me that a lot of senior Wikipedians simply ignore anything new (and maybe alien to them) while at the same time a lot of very active spam fighters are left with little or no tools and means to actually do something about the problem which is not going away, but gets worse everyday.

The Hopeless Task

They take care about one instance of Spam today to see two new ones poping up tomorrow and worse, the same they just took care of coming back over and over again in a matter of weeks or months.

No wonder that it is only a matter of time that active spamfighters simply throw in the towel and give up.

Nobody wants to fight a hopeless cause all the time without ever seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for at least the problems that are old and known with solutions to reduce or eliminate them available or possible. 

The Lag of Tools

If no workable solution is available for a specific problem for technical or political reasons, at least tools should be developed to make it easier for the fighters to find and eliminate possible spam should be developed.

Those Tools are especially needed for spam from repeat offenders.

It would make their day to day struggle a bit easier and give them an edge to cure at least the symptoms of the spam quick and efficient.

"Demolition Man" Solutions

In some cases would that already be enough to deter repeat offenders, because they realize that their efforts are a waste of time. It reminds me of the movie "Demolition Man" and their anti-grafiti walls.

Any Grafiti sprayed on a City Wall lasts only a few seconds before it gets automatically removed by an anti-grafiti mechanism making it a complete waste of time to start a grafiti in the first place.

New offenders learn that quickly and old ones stopped already because they have better things to do with their time, such as looking for places where their efforts yield into results for them.

The Problems seem to run deeper, much deeper

Even several Veteran Wikipedians, Editors and even Admins seem to be very frustrated with the way how things are done (or not done) at Wikipedia.

They even started a Website that talks openly about internal problems of Wikipedia on a separate Website with the name

The reason for moving those things from within Wikipedia to its own site is the disturbing fact that the criticism was not wanted and in some cases even deleted from internal Talk Pages by Wikipedia System Admins.

Something that was unthinkable less than a year ago.

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