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VisionOne, Inc.

I am currently working for VisionOne, Inc. as Senior Developer since 2000. The companies website is located at

I worked for VisionOne Switzerland for one year as SAP and Internet Consultant before the company sponsored me with a L1 Work Visa and moved to Fresno in California, the Location of VisionOne Woldwide  corporate Headquarter.

I was born and grew up in Berlin/Germany. East Germany to be precise, which was the Ex-Communist part of Germany. I was 15 years old and in 9th Grade when the "Wall came down" which ended the communist (correct would be socialist)  regime in the country with the official name: GDR (German Democratic Republic). The GDR as a country ceased to exist on October 3rd 1990, 4 days before it could celebrate it's 45th birthday.

The Mess of the Imigration process in the US

I started the process of becoming a permanent resident (the first step towards citizenship) in the year 2003 which is still not completed due to internal issues  of the EDD - The Department of Labor (which were solved by intervention of the US Congress in 2005) and now with the INS - Immigration and Naturalization Service which I hope will be solved in a similar way as the problems of the EDD.

Along the way did the maximum lifespan of my L1 Visa End which forced me to leave the country involuntarily, leaving everything I established here in the US behind without knowing, if I will be able to return to my new found home in the near future or not.

I was eventually able to return with a new H1B work visa which will expire and end it's maximum lifespan in october 2006.

I will be able this time to request an extension (exception) due to the still active green card process to avoid the problems I had in 2005 and remain legally in this country. All but the last step of the green card process are done already.

Everything was checked and approved that it is not a question of IF, but WHEN I will change my legal status to permanent resident. All I am waiting for is that the INS has a VISA number available for me to change my status and issue the physical green card to me.

ShoWare US Ticketing - Version 2.0

Despite all the problem with my imigration process am I working for VisionOne, Inc. as Head Developer and Architect on  the american Version of the Web based Ticketing Solution with the name "ShoWare". Visit for details.

 ShoWare is availble in german language in Switzerland, Germany and Austria as well as in Spanish and Portugese in Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.

The individual ShoWare Solutions are today very different and not compatible to each other.

ShoWare International - Version 3.X

The company is working on solving this issue with a new Version of ShoWare (Version 3.1) which is a colaborate effort by all VisionOne units around the world. The Main development of the new Version is done in Switzerland, but developers from all units are send to Switzerland to work on the new System directly. Converence calls and other tools are used to ensure communication and active involvement of all units to make sure that the individual and often different needs for the various countries are addressed and incorporated into the solution.

Internet Based Ticketing Solutions in the US

The ShoWare US Solution (currently V2.0) and Customer Base is constantly growing at a rapid speed which makes it hard to keep up with without loosing focus on the most important things, the Customers and Patrons that use the System.

The Business is booming but at the same time very competitive.

The unhappiness of Patrons as well as Promoters and Venues about the Service and Fees charged by the defacto Monopolist Ticketmaster opened a few years ago the market to new Ticketing Businesses like ShoWare to proof that it can be done better and a lot cheaper. As a result of that is Ticketmaster slowly using Market Share.

Beverages and more! eCommerce Solution

I am also Head Developer of the eCommerce Solution for Beverages and more! at, which was custom developed for them by my Company in 2000. sells a huge selection of Wine, Spirits, Beer and Accessories such as Bar Ware, Glassware, Cigars, Gourmet Food, Snags and Beverages. All Products are available for California residents. Due to legal restrictions is shipping of Alcohol not possible to all US States. Check their Site for details.

It gets constantly extended and improved by me and my colleagues at VisionOne. The Solution is also hosted at VisionOne's In-House, State of the Art Hosting Facility.

The solution was developed for BevMo in 2000 using MS Site Sever 3.0 (now called Commerce Server). I worked on the Solution since Day 1. It was originally planned to use the Joint Venture Solution by INTEL and SAP called Pandesic which was going out of business a few weeks before the launch of the Solution.

Site Server was removed from the Solution a few years later, because the unique business model and needs of Beverages and more! outgrew the capabilities of Site Server and its new Versions with the name Commerce Server. Those are out-of-the-box solutions with limited capability for customization and not practically for everybody.

Between Summer 2002 and  Aprill 2006 was I also one of's Affiliate Program Managers.  BevMo discontinued their Affiliate Program in April 2006 because of a shift in their online business strategy which was introduced by the new Management Team.

Before ShoWare were custom eCommerce and Web based Content Management the primary business of VisionOne which went sour after the dot com crash in 2000.

Next to BevMo does VisionOne support several other custom eCommerce and Content Mangement Solutions to this day. After the success of it's ShoWare Ticketing Solution did VisionOne stop to seek out new Custom Development Web projects.

Custom Solution Provider Background & ShoWare

The companies background as custom solution provider remains an important asset of the company. Those experiences and knowledge are still very important when it comes to providing unique support and service to our Ticketing Clients. Hundred percent  Out-of-the-box solutions are not always practical. Custom Modifications and additions are often necessary, especially for larger clients with more complex needs. VisionOne's ability to provide solutions for those unique problems is appreciated by a lot of its clients and a great selling point for the ShoWare Ticketing Solution.

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