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Mediapolis, Inc.

The Affiliate Program Management for brings me to my second biggest occupation. The Company Mediapolis, Inc. which I partially own.

The Position as Affiliate Marketing for provided me with the experience how the whole thing works from a Merchant or Advertiser perspective.

What I do via Mediapolis, Inc. on the other hand is actually on the complete opposite side of the business,  giving me the perspective from the Affiliates or Publishers point of view.

I am an official Partner of Mediapolis, Inc. Mediapolis, Inc. ownes and operates the Shopping Portal/Price Comparision Search Engine and Coupon Site with the Name offers various RSS Feeds to promote coupons, specials and news and also operates it's own Blog or Weblog. does more than simply list merchants, coupons and products. We take the take to provide detailed information about the Merchant or Service. Information about the Company behind it. Sometimes even a brief History of Site. We believe that this will help our visitors to make a more educated decision about whether they should or should not engage in  a business relationship with the Merchant or Service Provider.

 Here is a list of examples to show you the level of details of our Information:

·Wynn Las Vegas Resort
·Weight Watchers Diet Programs
· - Quality, Affordable Discount Dental Plans
·Bent Gear - Outdoor Gear
·Ross Simons - Home Decor also offers a variety of services directly under the umbrella, such as a complete Dating Service, a Jewelry Making Supply Store, a Hotel Room Booking Service and more.

How Affiliate Programs support free content

The Site is free to it's users. It is financed via so called Affiliate Programs.

We have an Affiliate Partnership with about 2/3 of the Merchants we have in our listings and provide offerings like coupons and promotions and/or product catalogs at

The Site generates revenue by earning a commission for referring buying customers to the Merchants and their offers listed at

How does it work

A visitor on our site must click at one of the links to the merchant first and complete a desired action on the merchants website first before Mediapolis, Inc. receives any money.

That is a different approach than the one offered by Google and other Search Engines, where Advertisers already pay for the "click" on a link regardless if the user does anything on the Advertisers Website or not.

The role  of  Cookies in the process

In order to make sure that Mediapolis, Inc. gets the commission for the referral, it is vital that the user does not block or delete any cookies in the process.

Cookies are required to track the referral. No personal information are tracked with the cookie. Mediapolis, Inc. does not get access to the customers information or which customer bought what at a merchants website.

Most users do not know that and get to believe that those cookies are used to track their individual shopping behavior and that sort of things which is untrue.

Blocking Affiliate Cookies = Less free content

The only thing that result from removing or blocking those cookies are the loss of revenue for the Website that provides free content to its visitors.

If too much people cut off those sites from generating revenue that way, the free content will not remain free or even available at all to the user.

Please consider this the next time you decide to delete or block those cookies when you visit a site that offers to you free information about merchants, merchant offers, services, products and price comparision  without selling anything themselves.

If you use sites like that, support them and leave the cookies intact to make sure that they will still be around to serve you tomorrow.

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