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BBS - The Documentary
3 Disk DVD Set and SAC

I was a very active ANSI & ASCII Text Artist in the 1990s during the Era of Bulletin Board Systems, which are considered the predecessor of the modern day internet. I also did some pixel VGA Art, but that was not what made me "famous" around the World. I would say that my NFO ASCII's used by various Computer Groups for their releases are the best known pieces of my Art.

The Era of Bulletin Board Systems

Classic BBS's were MS DOS = Text based without a graphical Interface like MS WIndows. Text Art provided the only means to enhance the look and feel of a "Site" and give it a unique touch to distinguish it from others. I also had my own BBS back in Germany for several years with the Name "Closed Society".

Superior Art Creations

My BBS  was the World Headquarter for the Underground Art Group with the Name Superior Art Creations, short SAC which I founded and lead in 1994.

I designated a whole page for this on my families Website.

Have a look to learn more about it.

The deviantART Artist Community

I discovered in early 2006 the Interactive Web Community which is specificially for Artists of all kinds from around the world to present their art.

deviantART gives the ability to comment on each others work, help each other with Ideas and how-to's and to simply interact and communicate, short socialize with each other.

For professional and semi-professional artists provides deviantART also the means to sell their artwork directly to people that are interested in it.

This Service does not cost very much and is a great opportunity for young and uknown Artists to get their worksold and generate some income.

I am a Deviant

I created my Artist Page and already made some of my old Art available to the general public. I got almost instantly feedback and recognition from other deviants which felt great and also encouraged me to add more and more content to my dA Artist Page.

The best thing of all was the awarded lifetime deviantART Membership (the paid / professional one) by one of the administrators of in recognition of my contributions to the Text Art Scene community.

 I also started to interact with other deviants of course and even started to create new Text art because of that which was quite a challenge after years of inactivity, but I surprised myself with results that showed me and others, that I still have what it takes.

deviantART helps to re-connect with my roots

My activities at deviantART and also my work on my personal Roy/SAC page at helped to re-connect with old and existing SAC Members (I retired from SAC as active Member in 2001) and other fellow artists from "the old days".

As a matter of fact, I am now working with the current SAC Members on an all new SAC Website to create a lasting legacy for the archievements of the group and its members on the Internet for everybody to see who is interested in it.

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