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Getting Things Done
by David Allen

The ABC of SEO
by David George

Successful Affiliate Marketing for Merchants
by Shawn Collins

BBS - The Documentary
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Welcome to Carsten Cumbrowski's
Google Pages Beta Homepage

I just got the invitation to be part of the Beta Testers for this new Google Service which is of course free for the user, as all Google Services are. So I said to myself: 'Lets go and check it out'. 

 I have currently no time for this to be honest with you.

My current Projects are taking all my available time and then some.
You will find out all about them on the pages I refer to below.

Please forgive me any typos or grammatical errors.

English is first of all not my first Language (I was born in Germany) and I wrote the content fairly quickly like and Email or Forum post.

A spell checker is currently not available in Google Pages, something that would certainly make sense and would have reduced the errors found on these pages :).

Well it obviously did not stop me from using it and creating some pages and providing feedback and suggestions to the Google Pages team to improve the current features and options.

What keeps me busy?

One or two things? I wish this would be the case.
Make it 4 bigger ones and we start talking.

Please take the time to read the content of the pages above.

Final Note

As you can see, there is a lot of stuff on my plate, some of it because of my own choosing and others because I can't avoid it at this point in time.

It is currently growing over my head which forces me to re-approach the whole thing and learn to deal with the issues on Hand in a more efficient and timely manner to avoid ending up with a total mess of a lot of unfinished things without getting anything done.

Realizing the fact that there is a problem is a good start. It is now very high on my priority list to actually do something about it.

 I provided a list of links to my various sites and projects on the lest side of this page. Feel free to check them out.

You will find the means to contact me in different ways at almost all of them, if you would like to get in touch with me in general or regarding any of mentioned projects.

Books and DVD Recommendations

The Books and DVDs to your left are some personal recommendations. I own and appreciate all of them.

They are about different topic which interest me professionally and/or persoanlly. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.

They are well worth their money if not multiple times more worth than they are sold for (don't tell :) ).


Carsten Cumbrowski