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Do you like free magic? Well guess what: listed below are some of the best tricks in existence! These are all 100% free tricks that you can download and learn right away! There's no fine print, no cookies, just plain, great, magic. Below the links are descriptions of the tricks, so find one you like and download it today! If you like this site, tell your friends about it by clicking HERE, or take a survey so we can make your magic experience the best on the web, for which you will recive the link to download yet another great, free, magic ebook! Thanks for comming to La Magie Cabaret!


Carson Kahn

Founder and Magician


Imagine the effect as you sit down to a cup of coffee, tea, or other hot beverage requireing stirring and sugar with friends, you make an excuse to leave the room for a moment. While you are gone the spoon which had been in you cup miraculously leaps into the air and out of the cup!! No strings. Simple to learn and perform.
This includes many of famous magician's David Blane's Secrets, levitations, coin tricks, card tricks, bar tirkcs, soda tricks, insect tricks, soda tricks, and lots of bonous magic tricks! Indeed, one of our favorites!

The title says it all! This is for those of us who just wanna know a few.

A spectator selects a card. You either openly control it to the top of the pack or "loose" it in the pack. The cards are now placed in their case. Leaving the case just slightly open, you wavw your hands over it. The card visibly and slowly rises 3/4 of the way out of the pack, and then you pluck it out! Is the card bewitched, or do you just know somthing that the spec doesn't? USES NO THREAD OR MAGNETS! THIS TRICK IS FOR A SLIGHTLY MORE PRESTIGIOUS LEVEL OF MAGICIAN. ANYONE CAN DO IT, BUT THEY MIGHT WANT HELP; CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US WITH QUESTIONS. When you click the download link, you will be forwarded to a web page and prompted to enter your email address. Don't sweat it, we know this guy, he is just going to send you a thank-you for downloading the trick.

You remove a normal dollar bill of any denomination from your wallet and lay it out flat on your open hand. Nothing happens. All of a sudden, in FULL VIEW of the spectators, the bill folds itself in half, and then into quarters, and then into eighths and then settles down! You replace the folded bill now in your wallet, and leave the specs ASTOUNDED! Is there a ghost in the room, or are you just a freaky good magician? A video of WHAT THIS LOOKS LIKE can be found HERE.

You remove a bill, prediction for your show, sticky note, or other peice of paper and lay out flat on your palm. Then, upon your command, it levitates up to 5 inches in the air! It then, agian upon your request, rests back down onto your palm and can be replaced in your wallet or pocket. A video demo of this trick can be found HERE.

For those of you that are familier with this trick already, note that this is an uncommon variation, that i happen to like better than the original! You proceed to remove from your trunk a paper cut circle, which you then cut in two. But instead of splitting inhalf, and giving you two circles, you get, instantaneously, two paper circles linked togeather! You then cut one of those, and you instantly get ahuge paper circle, which can then be, along with the siscors, handed out ofr examination. Great for kids shows! A similar version of this trick is included in Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic, a book that I would recommend to all magicians.

You ask a spectator to choose a random number and THINK of it, and not tell you. You then ask them to do some random operations with it, add up digits, multiply, and then pick the letter in the alphabet that corresponds to their number. After that they pick a country beginning with that letter, and then a zoo animal beginning with the second letter in their country's name, and then finally, the color of the animal. You then proceed to read their mind and and reaveel the color of the animal! You may just become Svenagli.


Listed below are what I think are some of the best tricks a beginning to pro magician can buy. Truly, the cheapest price I could find for all of these was on Penguin Magic, so that is where they are from. If a trick sais "recommended", it means that I personally think it is a FANTASTIC trick. Please note that the Penguin Magic 10% discount code is penguin2799, so use that when prompted. In adtion, Penguin offers free shipping if you are willing to wait a week for your trick, so unless you have a show in a couple days, select that option. After the table of tricks, listed are some of my favourite other web sites for buying or learning magic. Have fun!

The Deluxe Money Paddle

List Price: $ 19.95
Our Price: $ 12.95
You Save: $ 7.00
Recommended!The Watch Crystal by Eric Maurin

List Price: $ 60.00
Our Price: $ 44.95
You Save: $ 15.05
Quick Trick by Oz Pearlman

List Price: $ 0.00
Our Price: $ 5.95
You Save: $ -5.95
Recommended!The Pro PK Kit (a.k.a. The New Micro 5)

List Price: $ 95.00
Our Price: $ 71.25
You Save: $ 23.75
Jay Sankey's Magus Capsule

List Price: $ 45.00
Our Price: $ 33.75
You Save: $ 11.25
The Zombie Combo - The Ultimate in Levitation!

List Price: $ 0.00
Our Price: $ 34.95
You Save: $ -34.95
Sterling Hopping Halves

List Price: $ 50.00
Our Price: $ 21.56
You Save: $ 28.44
The Spellbinding Boxes

List Price: $ 34.95
Our Price: $ 25.95
You Save: $ 9.00
The Golden 3 Shell Game

magic tricks

List Price: $ 60.00
Our Price: $49.95
You Save: $ 10.

Some of my favourite magic sites TO BUY magic include (if an astrix is included, it is HIGHLY recommended):

Some of my favourite sites TO LEARN FREE magic include:

To find other good magic sites, click HERE.


Please note that this page will be updated constantly. When we have time, we will post more of our favorite tricks, get bad links corrected, and add articles and magic info. We also, by the way, apologize for any erros on this page. Also, because we did not create most of these tricks, though we will never pirate tricks (like instant downloads that you have to pay for), there are advertisments within many of the downloads, which we apologize for. We were not asked or payed to make these, it was the choice of the maker of the download, usually listed as one of the advertisments. Also, if we refer you to a website that sells magic, or a book or product that costs money, it was not because i was paid or asked to do so, IT IS SIMPLY BECAUSE WE REALLY LIKE THE RESOURCE. So, for example, when we refer you to the book Mark Wilson's Complete course in Magic and link it to the cheepest price we could find for it on the web, it is not in any way for our benifit, trust us: it's for yours. DISCLAIMER: Unless stated in the article or download, you may not sell or re-sell any of the downloaded files. Thank you.

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