Measurements/Data Master Spreadsheets

This site displays carseat measurements and data gathered by various members of the website.  We hope that the data is as accurate and complete as possible, but the only way that can happen is if people submit their data and verify other people's data.  If you see any data that is missing or not accurate, please submit your own data using the submit forms found on this website.  If you have questions regarding what each measurement or data column on the spreadsheet represents, please view the definitions page for a description of each field.  The carseat information is also available in the Carseat Measurements- Quick Data & Features forum on the board. 
Use these measurements as a tool to help narrow down which carseats might be good for specific situations. It is important to keep in mind though that measurements do not always provide the full picture of how a carseat might work with a child when it is installed in a particular vehicle. One carseat might last a child a year longer then another carseat even though they both may have the same exact top slot measurement. Variations in seat shapes, recline levels and padding can all play a role in determining how long a child might fit in a particular carseat. 

Online Viewable Google Document Formats:
Infant Car Seat Measurements and Data Spreadsheet
Convertible Carseat Measurements and Data Spreadsheet
Combination/Youth Carseat Measurements and Data Spreadsheet
Dedicated Booster Carseat Measurements and Data Spreadsheet

The information was gathered by members, but is not an official document of the website.  The data displayed in the spreadsheets cannot be guaranteed accurate, and message board members, administrators, or the carseat measurements website shall not be held accountable for damages or injuries resulting from any inaccurate information.