Avid Reader Gallery

Thanks to fellow high school alumnus Elle Brunswick-Hanks for this
'past-meets-present' photo from this year's 30th reunion.

The international tour for EYAA & CEHB continues courtesy
of this photo from a reader in Wimbledon, England.


Carry Each His Burden, Each Year an Anthem, & With No Need for a Name
have found an international audience in
Arles-Sur-Rhône, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France
courtesy of Wendy Carando Higbee.
Merci, Wendy.

A Carry Each His Burden in the hand is worth two in the bush.
Another satisfied
customer takes wing.
Thanks to Chuck in Thousand Oaks, CA.

William in Nashville says the stories in Carry Each His Burden are, "Smokin'."

Thanks to Leslie, my first official reader!

Wesley in Springfield, Virginia says, "I got mine."

Thanks to Diane in Visalia, CA for the photo. Enjoy the read.

A picture is worth the thousands of words I wrote for Carry Each His Burden
and this one comes from Stefanie Lynn
in Tonawanda, NY.

Doug Baker from Grantville, PA reading CEHB by campfire light. Moody and magnificent.

Mary McGinty in New Jersey reading CEHB.

Nick Buffone, a master carpenter out of Philly
with the heart and soul of an artist,
showin' a little shine to CEHB. Thanks, brother.

Yo! Another Philly boy weighs in with a wonderful bedtime story pic.
Steve Carey and his  daughter enjoying a few lines from CEHB.

Author Jen Tucker spending a little R&R with CEHB.

Author Anne Serling's guest room has some required reading: CEHB and EYAA

Author Mark Olshaker and his wife Carolyn from D.C.

With No Need for a Name gets some peace and love from
Charles Maxwell Anderson in Thousand Oaks, California.