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Uniform Standards




Effective December 1, 2001

I.         Pursuant to RSA 478:4-a, II, these document standards have been adopted by the New
            Hampshire Registers of Deeds, to be effective as of December 1, 2001.


II.        The register of deeds may refuse to accept any document presented for recording that does
             not meet all of the following requirements:


             (a) The document must be legible and reproducible (as defined herein).


             (b) All signatures on the document must be original; provided that this requirement shall not
                   apply to any copy of a document attached as an exhibit to the principal document.


              (c) The document shall be made up of one or more individual one-sided pages not
                    permanently bound nor in a continuous form.


              (d) The document shall not have any attachment stapled, taped, or otherwise affixed to any
                     page, except for a firmly attached label with a bar code or return address.


              (e) The writing, print or type shall be in dark blue or black ink.


              (f) The writing, print or type shall be of a size no smaller than the equivalent of ten-point
                   Times New Roman, except that this requirement shall not apply to page numbering or to
                   any of the following that are not part of the headings or text of the document, document
                   or form name or number, name address and/or telephone number of the printer or  
                   producer of the document; directions for placement of recording data or for filling in of
                   blanks, or other nontextual notations.


              (g) The document shall be on white paper of not less than 20-pound weight, without
                    watermarks or colored highlighting or other inclusions that make the document illegible
                    or unreproducible and with dimensions of no less than 8 ½ inches in width and 11 inches
                    in length and no more than 8 ½ inches in width and 14 inches in length.


              (h) The typing or printing of any name or the applying of an embossed or inked stamp shall
                    not render any part of the document illegible or unreproducible.


              (i) The top margin on the right half of the first page shall be at least three inches, for
                   exclusive use by the register of deeds.  The left half may note administrative content or
                   return to information.  Otherwise all margins on the first and succeeding pages shall be at
                   least one inch, provided that the bottom margin may contain nontextual material no
                   closer than ½ inch to the bottom of the page, such as the following: page numbering,
                   document or form name or number, name address, and/or telephone number of the
                   printer or producer of the document, or other nontextual notations.


               (j)“Legible” as used in this section means: with respect to a document, legible to the naked
                    eye, without use of magnification devices, and with respect to a recorded image of a
                    document made and kept in the registry of deeds for viewing and copying by and for the
                    public, legible when viewed with available registry viewing equipment.


               (k) “Reproducible” as used in this section means capable of reproduction by recording
                      equipment currently available in the registry of deeds, with the resulting recorded
                      image being itself legible and also capable of producing a legible paper copy by use of
                      equipment currently available in the registry.


 III.      The following documents are exempt from the specified requirements of paragraph II:


              (a) An official certificate or certified copy of a record from another governmental office, in
                    either case bearing an original official seal or signature, is exempt from the requirements
                    of paragraphs II(b) through (i). 


              (b) Any document drafted before the effective date of this paragraph, or any copy of any
                    such document that may be attached as an exhibit to the principal document, is exempt
                    from the requirements of paragraphs II (c)  through (i), except to the extent that any of
                    such requirements were already in effect at any particular registry of deeds before such


              (c)  Any document drafted on or after the effective date of this paragraph that does not
                     conform to one or more of the requirements of paragraphs II (c)  through (i), but cannot
                     be redrafted may be accepted by the register for recording.


              (d) Any document presented for recording which is illegible or unreproducible, in whole or in
                    part, and cannot be redrafted, may be accepted by the register for recording.  An
                    affidavit should be attached to an recorded with the document stating the facts and, if
                    desired, reproducing portions of the text, to clarify the illegible and unreproducible parts
                    of the document.  The affidavit should ordinarily be signed by the person or party
                    requesting recording.  In addition, the register may stamp the document or appropriate
                    pages thereof with language similar to the following: “Original not suitable for proper



IV.  In the event that the register of deeds declines to accept any document presented for recording, the register shall give prompt notification of the rejection and the reasons therefor to the part requesting the recording, such notification to be given in person or transmitted by mail, fax, or other means.