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Recording Subdivision and Site Plans

What is the Plat Law?

The recording of plats is governed by NH RSA 478:1-a under the Registers of Deeds and is generally referred to as the

Plat Law. A ‘plat’ is defined as a map of a specific land area whose boundaries are defined by metes and bounds.

A plat may show:

1. Newly created parcels, streets, alleys and easements as in a subdivision; or

2. A lot-line adjustment or site plan depicting existing parcels defined by legal descriptions contained in deeds, grants or other legal documents.

The standards of the Plat Law are designed to ensure that all plats or plans recorded at the state’s 10 registry of deeds are clear and reproducible. The Registry’s responsibility is to keep a record of information which defines the limits or extent of legal rights or interest in land. Construction plans, construction details and maps that do not define the limits or extent of legal rights or interest in land shall not be recorded per the plat law.

 Do’s and Don’t of Recording
* Do contact your Register of Deeds
for guidance.
Invite him or her to a work session.

*Do use multiple sheets rather than layering too much info.

*Do add a note to a recorded page stating the complete plan set is located at the Town.

*Do keep all topographical plans at the Town level.

*Do Not hesitate to bring plan to Registry for review or pre-approval.

*Do Not require information beyond the scope of the plat law to be on recorded plans.

Outline of Plat Law Standards

Your plan will not be recorded unless it complies.

Check with your local registry for their policy on the required space for the registry plan number and recording information.

Sizes: 8.5” x 11”, 11” x 17”, 17” x 22” or 22” x 34” (acceptable sizes vary by registry).
Minimum 1/2” margin on all sides.
Text sizes no smaller than 0.08 of an inch and legible for reproduction.
Certifications, seals, and approval blocks with original dates and signatures in legible, permanent black ink.
Scale both as a written and graphic representation.
North arrow labeled with reference direction.
Shading, hatching or coloring over text is not permitted.
Title blocks located in lower right corner (when possible), indicating the following:
            * Type of survey
            * Owner of record
            * Title of plat or development
            * Tax Map number
            * Name of Town in which parcel is located
            * Plat and revision date