Heirs to the Rebellion - Epilogue

lights will guide you home 


The ceremony was held on Derra IV before the evacuation to a safer planet, closer to Rebel lines. Someone had found Jag a dress uniform for the starfighter pilots, and he’d made a joke to Gavin Darklighter that it was one way in which the Imperials had the advantage.

Jaina and Winter were standing in the front of the large room with General Kenobi. Everyone had reported for the ceremony, except for those manning the control stations. As much of his life that had been spent in front of the spotlight, he’d never been as uncomfortable in public as he had at that moment.

Jaina’s smile calmed him down, and he strode to the front. Winter held out the medal to Jaina, and Jaina addressed the audience. “For his courage above and beyond the call of duty, for his willingness to leave behind his former life as an Imperial ace, for his service to the Rebellion, and for putting himself between a planet and its certain destruction, the Alliance to Restore the Republic hereby names Commander Jagged Fel a Hero of the Rebellion.”

She draped the medal over his neck, and the room exploded into applause and cheers as he turned to display the medal. It continued until Obi-Wan raised a hand for attention and stepped forward.

“As we leave Derra IV, we will continue to face uncertain dangers from the Empire. But we have won on more than one field. We have won militarily, dealing a serious defeat to the forces of the Imperial fleet. But we have also begun to win the war of ideas, as Commander Fel has demonstrated. He has reminded us that our opponents are also sentient beings, and that not every battle must be won with bloodshed. For that, and for his assistance in helping the Lady Jaina escape, I also name Commander Jagged Fel as a Friend of the Jedi.”

The cheers grew even louder—the Jedi in the front row lit their lightsabers in salute, and Jag looked back over his shoulder at Jaina, who smiled once again. The call to dismiss rang out, and the company began to dissipate. Princess Winter finally met his eyes when he looked at her. “Tycho would have been proud,” she said quietly.

Jag finally felt a smile want to appear on his face. “So would my uncle.”


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