Biography of Miss Carrie Johnson

Miss Carrie Cover Girl
Miss Carrie Johnson was born in the historic neighborhood of Lincolnville, St. Augustine, Florida, on February 20, 1935. She attended Excelsior High School and Florida Normal College, and also attended Edward Waters College in Jacksonville on a chorus scholarship. After raising a family in Miami and traveling the Northeast, she returned to St. Augustine and made it her life’s mission to let people know they are loved. For decades, Miss Carrie has made residents and tourists feel loved simply by waving, hugging, yelling “Hi Darlin,” “Thumbs up,” and “Love ya!” Local artists represent her as a fixture of the town. For over 20 years, she has orchestrated annual Christmas caroling train rides to local nursing homes.

The St. Augustine Record has featured Miss Carrie articles for years. In 2007, Old City Life Magazine did a cover story on her.

Painting by Beau Redmond

In 2008, she wrote a memoir to encourage adoptive parents to tell their children about their biological parents. In 2010, she sang slave spirituals to St. Johns County teachers at a Civil Rights workshop. That same year, she raised money for Christmas gift cards for the children listed as homeless on district rosters. In 2011, she pulled together the right charity and school connections to create a funding channel to cover school expenses for homeless children. As the icon she is, she led the St. Patrick’s Day parade in 2012. In 2014, at the age of 79, health problems took her off her famous three-wheeled "Lamborghini" for good. Nevertheless, Miss Carrie still sees to it that her annual Christmas Caroling Galore makes its way through the downtown eldercare facilities. And she still strives to beef up the funding for the homeless students of St. Johns County.
Miss Carrie Grand Marshal of St. Patrick's Day parade