Frequently Asked Questions:

How did this Foundation begin?

In 2010, Miss Carrie learned that her local school district had 432 homeless students on its current enrollment. She pondered the struggles these students must endure, and applauded their diligence to still make it to school. With Christmas on the way, Miss Carrie raised money to provide gift cards for those children to spend on whatever they desired during their winter break. In less than a year, other people had joined the effort and the Foundation was born to maintain a funding funnel for homeless school children.


Where does the money come from?

Our first fundraising event was Miss Carrie's Christmas Caroling Galore in December 2010. The Galore included caroling with the Murray Middle School choir at the Council on Aging's River House, as well as the annual caroling to seniors via a special Red Train ride to Buckingham Smith, St. Joseph's Covenant, and Bay View. Advertising for the caroling included advertising for the Christmas fund for homeless students. Since then, various fundraisers and individual donations have replenished the Foundation's account. Any time a school confidant learns of a way we can help a homeless student in need, a request is processed through the district's Homeless Liaison.


What is the point of another homeless charity?

The homeless population of St. Johns County is served by several charitable organizations, such as St. Francis House, the Homeless Coalition, and the school district's ASSIST program. Those groups provide emergency support including shelter, food, clothing, counseling, and transportation. Amid financial crisis, school-aged children are often denied the common perks of school life that require money from home. The Miss Carrie Foundation leaves the family aid to other organizations in order to focus exclusively on improving the school life of the child.

Why do we sweat the small stuff?

The Miss Carrie Foundation focuses on stabilizing a homeless student's school experience despite their turbulent home life. Children should have every reason to believe that education is their route to stability.

Where does the money go?

Donations for the Miss Carrie Foundation are submitted to the St. Johns County School District's 'INK' account, earmarked for the Miss Carrie Foundation. When the school district's Homeless Liaison learns of a way to help a homeless student, he confers with "Miss Carrie" Johnson to make sure the expenditure complies with our mission statement. If so, the SJCSD account manager cuts a check to whatever business provides the product or service requested. The Homeless Liaison delivers the product, ticket, etc. to the school confidant at the student's school. The school confidant makes sure the student receives the product or service without publicity, guardian interference, or confusion. So far, we have no overhead, so all money donated is funneled to students in need. See the Activity page for a list of aid provided by the Miss Carrie Foundation.