AP Environmental Science

Science is a process of discovery, based on experimentation, used to explain the natural world and make informed decisions.  

Welcome APers!

This page serves as a portal to all of our classroom work.  Click on the unit link under the footprints below to access the different projects we have worked on this year.  Click on the calendar to see assignment (projects or labs) due dates, scheduled exams, and upcoming events.  The postings link has all of the daily information you may need in class (bellwork, notes, descriptions of assignments, etc).  The study guides link provides you with study guides for each test administered (guides are uploaded 3-4 days before test).  Finally, for the students, an electronic resource created for you, by us, all about the AP ES Exam (May 2009).  This page will have lots of advice, material and study practice useful in preparing for said exam. 

 AP ES Units



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