Classes and Teaching

Unity College

Fall 2014
MA 2333 Calculus I* - Syllabus

Other courses taught:
IC 2006 Summer Bridge Program
LR 1113 Elementary Algebra
LR 1123 Intermediate Algebra
MA 1223 Algebra and Trigonometry/Precalculus
MA 2243 Statistics - Barry's worksheets
MA 2003 Applications in Mathematics: Populations and Probability
MA 2333 Calculus I* - Syllabus (F12) 
MA 3343 Calculus II* - Syllabus (F11)
HU 1003 Spanish I w/Melora Norman
ES Project Assistant/Leader* - Modeling Ecological Disease

College of the Atlantic

University of Tennessee

Math 598, College Mathematics Pedagogy Discussion Group**
Math 598, Mentoring in Mathematics**
Math 598, GTA Teaching Development Seminar**
Math 152, Mathematics for the Life Sciences
Math 110/113, Mathematical Reasoning
Algebra I, Project GRAD

**For more information on these graduate level courses, see Graduate Student Teaching Professional Development Program.

University of Maine
MAT 111, College Algebra

Jackson Labs and University of Maine Augusta at Bangor
Mathematics for laboratory assistants*