March 2, 2010

Family & Friends,                

A big thanks to all of the family and friends who supported the family effort by attending our 2009 Carr Family Reunion. We had excellent weather with moderate temperatures and nary a rain drop for weeks prior to our scheduled reunion event … Until July 4th - - that is!  On that Saturday, the heavens opened and we had “inches” of rain and very cool temperatures.  Despite the wet, cold weather, we met at Cedarville Park for a few hours of fellowship and fun. We had about 20 loyal family members who came and stayed … without complaining!

I would like to mention special recognition to the following:

  • Our most senior family member present:  Charles Terry Sr., who came to bid everyone greetings, and from Cincinnati our youngest family member Merissa Jayden Meridy-Grissom, just six weeks-old on that date.  Both the young and “young-at-heart” family members weathered the storm to celebrate family.
  • Our most distant family participants joined us from afar; the Detroit family of William Carr Jr.
  • Freda Terry, Charles Terry Jr. and Eunice Carr for all of the research that has allowed our family to know many important facts about our genealogical history.
  • To reunion volunteers such as Trish Meridy, for providing family web site support, Al Carr, Barry Carr (2010 Family Reunion Chairman) and the many other family members who have acted in a most dedicated manner.

 As always the food and fellowship was good, but the main missing ingredient might have been Y-O-U.  Perhaps our youthful family members do not understand the importance keeping these family ties. We must support and continue our efforts to keep our reunion alive!  Educational opportunities, job opportunities, even the ease of locating medical history, if necessary … etc., is supported by continued family communication. Let’s keep the lines of communication open, as we engage in the periodic “meeting and greeting” of family members.  What better place to do so than our family reunion?

Thanks for your attention to this message.  Please remember to help the family reunion effort by e-mailing your survey response.  Our reunion date, location, and recreation plans depend on your input and ideas. If you have any contact information for other family and friends, please forward their contact information, (name – address – phone # – email address) to:  Barry Carr at or contact him by phone at (937)  657-6470.

Anticipating a Successful 2010 Reunion,
Bette Carr Atwater