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posted Apr 12, 2012, 3:48 AM by Eva Carrender   [ updated Apr 12, 2012, 3:58 AM ]
Kids: Adventures in Robotics
Learn to Design, Build and Program Robots

Learn to design, build and program robots at the world’s best robot summer camp! A hands-on summer camp experience that gives kids the rewards and excitement of learning and using robotics. Campers work both individually and in small teams, learning about gear ratios, locomotion and energy as they construct robots using the acclaimed LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT robotics kit.

Learn how to control your robots while putting them through a series of real-world challenges. At the end of the week, take the ultimate challenge and compete in DMA’s Robot Games!

Each student uses a dedicated robotics kit (1 kit per student) that’s equipped with every part imaginable!

Who Should Attend: Adventures in Robotics
Ages 8-12 | Beginning to Advanced | No Programming Experience Required

This robotics camp is designed for aspiring robot builders. The experience is also great for kids who love to build things and want to learn more about programming and mechanical concepts. This course will challenge young minds to think critically and work together with others to solve problems.

New to robots, programming and robotics? No problem! This robotics summer camp will increase your knowledge of robotics and programming while enjoying the adventure with other kids with similar interests.

  • Stanford, CA

  • Jun 11-15 | Jun 25-29 | Jul 9-13 | Jul 16-20 | Jul 30-Aug 3 | Aug 6-10

Teens: Robotics & Programming for Teens
Hands-on Design, Building and Programming of Robots

Design, build, program and battle robots. Explore different robots types such as driving robots, walking robots and rope-climbing robots to find the best robot suited for any task. Create different robots to solve problems in real-world situations using the award-winning LEGO® MINDSTORM® NXT robotics kit.

Create your ultimate “Sumo bot” and watch it compete against other robots in the exciting Robotic Sumo Competition at the end of the week. Challenge yourself to solve problems and think critically, while working with others and sharing ideas. New to programming, robotics or an aspiring engineer? Expand your knowledge of robotics and have a great time building and battling bots with others who share your interest.

Who Should Attend: Robotics and Programming for Teens

Ages 13-17 | Beginner-Advanced | No Previous Programming Experience Required

This course is designed for both LEGO fans who want to take their building skills to the next level and problem-solvers who like to build and engineer things. An interest in robots is a plus, but not required.