Here in the Carrasco Lab we employ a wide array of cognitive neuroscience and psychological research methods, including behavioral psychophysics, fMRI, EEG, MEG, computational modeling, and TMS to study the interactions between attention and perception.

 We are located in the NYU Department of Psychology and affiliated with the Center for Neural Science as part of the Cognition and Perception Doctoral Program under the supervision of Dr. Marisa Carrasco, Ph.D. 


  • Congratulations to our Master's student, Xiuyun Wu, for winning 1st place for her poster at the NYU Annual Master's Research Conference!

Recent Publications

  • Li H.H., Barbot A. & Carrasco M. (2016). Saccade preparation reshapes sensory tuning. Current Biology, in press.
  • Dugué, L., Roberts, M., & Carrasco, M. (2016). Attention reorients periodically. Current Biology, in press.
  • Yashar, A., Chen, J. & Carrasco, M. (2015). Rapid and long-lasting reduction of crowding through training, Journal of Vision, 15(15):7, 1-21. doi:10.1167/15.10.15. 
  • White, A., Rolfs, M. & Carrasco, M. (2015). Stimulus competition mediates the joint effects of spatial and feature-based attention, Journal of Vision, 15(14):7, 1-21. doi:10.1167/15.14.7. 

Contact us

If you wish to participate in one of our studies, please email us at carrascolabnyu@gmail.com

Phone: 212.998.3894  
Fax: 212.995.4349
6 Washington Place, Rm 970
New York, NY 10003