The name of the club shall be Carraig na bhFear Athletic Club.
The club will affiliate with the Athletic Assosiation of Ireland (AAI)
The club will also affiliate with the East Cork board and the Cork County Board of the AAI.
All club members including commitee members and coaches shall register annually with AAI and will be subject to the rules and regulations of AAI.
The clubs colours shall be white with a green band which shall conform to IAAF/AAI rules.
The club will summon an Annual General Meeting, which shall be held in January or February each year.
The club will maintain adequate financial records.  A report of all financial matters for the year end of 31st December shall be presented to the registered members of the club at the annual general meeting.
The club shall annually elect from its members at least the following officers:
    Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar, Competitions Secretary, Public Relations Officer, Child     Officer.
Other officer positions may be added to the above by agreement of the members at the Annual General Meeting.
The term of office of each officer is one year  and he/she is automatically deemed to have resigned at the following Annual General Meeting.
In the event that an officer resigns during the year, the clubs members may appoint another person to that role without that person having been elected at the Annual General Meeting.
The club officers and members shall meet at least eight times a year, where all decisions and records will be minuted.
The roles of each officer shall be as follows:
-To Provide direction for the club by effective leadership and management.
-To chair and control meetings of the club.
-To make decisions whenever the need arises, in consultation with the other officers when appropriate.
-To represent the club at external meetings when required.
-To manage and oversee the work of the clubs officers and other club personnel.
-To call the Annual General Meeting and present annual reports in association with the other officers.
-To assist the chairperson in carrying out his/her duties and to deputise for him/her if the need arises.
-To administer club correspondance.
-To liase with the chairperson on calling meetings and preparing agendas for each meeting.
-To take minutes from meetings and have them available to members at the subsequent club meeting.
-To deal with all financial matters relating to the club.
-To provide a monthly summary of club income and expeniture at club meetings.
-To monitor the club funds to ensure that it has funds available to pay for club activities.
-To prepare annual accounts to 31st December for presentation at the Annual General Meeting.
-To ensure that an annual club membership form is fully completed by intending club members.
-To maintain a register of the club members.
-To complete and submit annual registrations to AAI.
-To collect all registration monies and to forward these to the treasurer at the appropriate times.
-To present an annual report to the Annual General Meeting.
Competitions Secretary
-To administer competition entries for all club athletes.
-To record the competition results of all club athletes.
-To present a report to the Annual General Meeting.
Public Relations Officer
-To promote the club activities at local and regional level.
-To provide the local press with reports of the club activities.
-To present a report to the Annual General Meeting.
Child Officer
-To ensure that the club has the most up to date copy of AAI's "Child Welfare and Protection in Sport" publication.
-To ensure child protection procedures are understood and adhered to by all members.
-To establish and maintain complaint procedures.
-To be familiar with current child protection legislation.
-To log any complaints and ensure the complaints procedures are met.
-To report to the club secretary as necessary.
Annual General Meeting
The date of the Annual General Meeting will be set by the chairman after consulting with the other officers in the club.
The Annual General Meeting must have a quorum of ten people, who are:
-Parents of juvenile members of the club in the year just gone or in the forthcoming year.
-Senior registered members of the club.
-Outgoing officers.
Each person at the Annual General Meeting is entitled to one vote.
All votes are decided on a majority of those voting.  The chaiperson will have the casting vote in the event of a tie.
All voting for the election of officers will be conducted by secret ballot.
Any other votes taken at the Annual General Meeting will be by show of hands.
The club shall endeavour to promote all facets of athletics.
The club is fully committed to safeguarding the well being of all its members.  It shall endeavour that no member is discriminated against on the basis of age, sex, class or creed.
The club expects all its members to conduct themselves in a way that reflects the principles of the AAI and the guidlines contained in the AAI's  Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Childrens Sport.
The club will endeavour to recruit coaches for all disiplines in conformity with AAI's coach education programme.  It will continually support members wishing to attend coaching courses and endeavour to have coaches at each of the coaching levels of AAI.
The club shall endeavour to provide its athletes with the best of training facilities at all times and to provide activities which encourage its members to have a healthy and active lifestyle.