"Carpinteria Skate Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to seeing a quality skate park built for the residents and visitors of the City of Carpinteria. The progressively designed skatepark will provide a recreational setting for the entire community to enjoy."

Its founding members include:
Peter Bonning - President
Jason Campbell - Vice President
Ty Smith - CFO
Jason Lesh - Secretary
Kellie Wolfe - Advisor Committee
Marty Osborn - Advisory Committee
Doug Galati -  - Advisory Committee
John Haan - Legal Counsel

Additional Support from:
Michelle Robertson
Courtney Richardson
Don Campbell
Chicken Larry
Justin Barten Grimely
Marybeth Carty

 The skatepark will be open to the public and subject to rules and regulations set forth by the City of Carpinteria. 

The Carpinteria Skate Foundation's Mission...

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2009 comprised of lifelong Carpinteria residents who care about our town and are working to make it better. 

Our organization was formed to educate the public on the benefits of public multi-use skateparks and to raise funds to build a public multi-use skatepark in Carpinteria. Currently, there is no public skatepark in Carpinteria for the public and youth to enjoy. 


We expect it will take approximately three to six years to raise adequate funds, acquire land, and complete the design and construction of the multi-use skatepark."


We have been working with the City to find a suitable location while considering all the community needs.


The most important reason is for our youth. By providing a place for young individuals to be active, it fosters in them the confidence and healthy living that enables a positive lifestyle. A skate park also enhances our community attractiveness, which will secure economic vitality through the tourism it generates.

Our Organization is involved in every step of the development of the multi-use skatepark (from acquiring land to completing construction of the skatepark) to ensure the public receives a unique and well-built skatepark that skateboarders will want to use.