Carp River Wetland Environmental Area

We had a beautiful day last Tuesday for the official opening of this special area as a place where residents can learn about the importance of wetlands. This was the result of two years of working, after a suggestion was made to me about the possibility of using the Carp River restoration area as a living classroom on wetlands, with the help of the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority, who have an agreement with the City to use the area, and support from the Ottawa Stewardship Council, for educational and research activities. At the opening representatives of all involved, along with students from Carleton University who did research for the signage being provided, celebrated the conclusion of this multi-faceted partnership. You too can benefit from visits to this area, designed for residents to experience the wetlands in urban surroundings. Arrive by bike or foot or drive to the end of Campeau from Huntmar, park beside the dirt road portion and walk to the Carp River. There you’ll find the trails that have been built so far and the first of the signs that will be along the path for years to come. (From Councillor Wilkinson's June 23 newsletter)

Official opening, June 19, 2018
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