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How To Clean Fabric Car Seats

how to clean fabric car seats
    car seats
  • (Car seating) A car seat is the chair used in automobiles. Most car seats are made from cheap, but durable materials, made to withstand as much beating as possible. The material for these seats is usually used for the back of the seat, as well as the part where one's posterior goes.
  • (Car Seat (God's Presents)) Soup is the second album by the American rock band Blind Melon, released shortly before vocalist Shannon Hoon's fatal drug overdose, making it his final album with the band. Thematically, the album is much darker than the band's multi-platinum debut.
  • (car seat) a seat in a car
    how to
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  • (How To’s) Multi-Speed Animations
  • The walls, floor, and roof of a building
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The Story of Yoda the Rescue Kitten + What Breed is He?
The Story of Yoda the Rescue Kitten + What Breed is He?
Story of Yoda the Lost & Found Kitten: (Long) Finding Yoda (Also, the question: Is he a Havana or Burmese, or not a purebreed at all?) I found this stunningly beautiful tiny kitten (who I initally thought was a purebred Havana or Burmese- maybe he is?) on a windy, bitter cold winter afternoon January 2009. He was floating around in the huge, recently scooped out icy snowbanks that lined a fairly busy suburban road a few miles from my house. I was on my way to pick someone up in the car when I saw this tiny piece of black fabric floating at the edge of the road on the opposite side. Since it was garbage day I thought it was part of a garbage bag cut loose or some socks blowing in the wind. For some reason, as I was driving, I did a double take and then thought, is it alive? Maybe a squirrel or a bat? Slowed down, looked again and still couldn't tell, so I did a U turn and pulled up beside the snowbank. I was shocked and horrified when I saw it was a tiny kitten and I jumped out of the car immediately. But then I thought, he'll run away for sure and then I'll have to spend the next while chasing him- because no small animal could last more than a few minutes in this bitter cold. Amazingly, the little kitten allowed me to approach, and offered no resistance when I scooped him up. I thought, great, but will he flee as I try to put him in the car? No. OK, for sure he'll freak out in the car- hang upside down from the roof upholstery or something like that, since most cats can't be transported in a car without a carrier. Again no, he sat quietly, curled up on the front passenger seat (which had an extra pillow there already.) As I drove home I considered my options. Since I was really pressed for time, once home, the kitten would have to go directly into the carpeted Computer Room (one of my female cat's rooms- she has 2 in the basement.) He would have a warm bed, a water bowl, and unfortunately, an empty food bowl and a used litter box- but he would be safe. Suddenly, I felt a feather drop in my lap. The kitten snuggled up on my stomach and nuzzled under my chin as I drove! I was shocked but pleased with how comfortable he was in the car & I was able to pat him from time to time as I drove. Bringing Yoda Home I arrived home, pulled over and parked, but worried: how would I get him from the car safely into the house? I gently placed him back on the passenger seat and carefully exited the car and ran to unlock the house door. I took my cat's carrier back out with me, but then I left it on the porch when I figured it would require me to open the car door too wide to get it in, possibly allowing the kitten to escape. Nervously, I carefully got back into the car, shut the door and slipped the kitten inside my zippered winter coat and kept a tight grip on my stomach (where he rested). I exited the car and sped-walked to the front door and brought him right downstairs to his temporary home. Let him out of my jacket, gave him a quick kiss, and shut the door behind me so as not to alert my extremely territorial female cat (Boscoe) kept in the next room/den. I left and sped off to pick up my now cranky relatives. Brought them back home and told them the story so far of the lost kitten. OK, they said, as long as he stays in the room and you work on finding an owner or new home for him SOON. Day One: More Worries/Searching for Yoda's Owners I immediately phoned the local Humane Society, thinking SURELY anyone who lost a kitten in this extreme weather would be frantic, out searching for him, as well as placing lost kitten notices at the Society. I was shocked to find that no such notice had been placed for this striking looking kitten, and even further shocked as the days went on that no new notices had been placed, making me very angry at the thought of such a cruel abandonment. For the first day, I thought maybe he slipped out the door of a nearby home on his street and the owners couldn't find him, thinking he was hiding somewhere in the house. But surely they would see the food and water put out for him indoors remained untouched as the days went on? With this in mind, I went back that same evening to the street I found him on (several blocks long, and tough slogging in the slush and snow in the dark and bitter cold) canvassing door to door, asking if someone had lost such a kitten. I got many sympathetic responses, but no owners found. Also, at least 30% of the homes had no one home, or no one answering. Yoda's Background: Still No Answers I went home very disappointed and dog tired, but eager to see how the tiny kitten with the big ears (hence, Yoda) was doing in his new temp. home. I found him curled up in one of Boscoe's many donut beds, sleeping heavily. I cleaned out the water and food dishes, as well as the litter box, and gave him all new water, wet food, and clean litter and then flopped down in my chair at the computer at the other end of the room to do some work. After 30 mi
Head Like A Hole 87/366 3/27/08
Head Like A Hole 87/366 3/27/08
This here is the shiny new head to our second car, a Mazda pick up truck. It blew the head in northern California while my brother in law had it (it was his, the water pump blew) and so when they were given a different truck we put together a deal with my father in law for this one especially for when I'm at work so my husband and son aren't stranded unable to get to school or where ever. It sat from Christmas to February/March when we started working on it. This truck has not been going easily. It started really with a couple upset dogs in the cab of this truck as it was towed down to southern California. Seeing how there wasn't room enough for 2 dogs, 4 adults, a child and a rat in a crew cab ford, the dogs rode in the towed car. Dogs don't like being alone in cars is my best guess because the foulness they left on the trip resulted in my husband and myself removing every panel that could be removed for massive cleaning. Scrubbing. Deodorizing. Seat fabric was removed and covers placed. The carpet? It was so bad that we threw it away, it was not going to get clean. We had to get the interior to a point that we could drive the thing to find out what exactly went wrong in northern Cali. It took about 20 hours (combined) to get this far. I do feel bad for the dogs that the were that upset, even tho i may have cursed them under my breath here and there. Sunday we took it for a drive around the block. When we got back we learned a horrible thing-- there was water in the oil. There are very few causes for this, and in our case, it was a busted head. Not a head gasket, a head. My father in law is incredibly generous, he bought a new head for this puppy. So now that's in. My poor husband has so many scrapes and nicks and cuts from this. And he isn't done yet. He spent most of last night chasing down an alleged electrical problem. Turns out there was a safety in the clutch where you have to push it in or it wont fire. Last manual trans we had was on a 73 Datsun, there was no safety. The battery was dead anyway tho so we haven't actually had the thing fire up since all of this. The battery was on the charger when we left the in-laws so hopefully tomorrow when he heads out (no pun intended) to see how the truck is with a full battery we'll see a happier truck. We are really really hoping all that this truck needed was the new head. After everything that we have done to this poor truck, the only way I'd personally part with it is for at least $3,500, upfront, cash, which covers what we owe on it and all the work. I don't know if thats where anyone else stands on it but thats me

how to clean fabric car seats
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