Cleaning Tile Grout With Vinegar

cleaning tile grout with vinegar
    tile grout
  • A rich or strong cementitious or chemically setting mix used for filling tile joints.
  • Make (something or someone) free of dirt, marks, or mess, esp. by washing, wiping, or brushing
  • Remove the innards of (fish or poultry) prior to cooking
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  • A sour-tasting liquid containing acetic acid, obtained by fermenting dilute alcoholic liquids, typically wine, cider, or beer, and used as a condiment or for pickling
  • sour-tasting liquid produced usually by oxidation of the alcohol in wine or cider and used as a condiment or food preservative
  • Vinegar is an acidic liquid produced from the fermentation of ethanol in a process that yields its key ingredient, acetic acid (ethanoic acid). It also may come in a diluted form. The acetic acid concentration typically ranges from 4% to 8% by volume for table vinegar and up to 18% for pickling.
  • dilute acetic acid
cleaning tile grout with vinegar - Custom Building
Custom Building Prod. TLSAC1 Sulfamic Acid Cleaner
Custom Building Prod. TLSAC1 Sulfamic Acid Cleaner
TileLab concentrated crystals mix with water to make a mild, safe to use, acid cleaner. Removes dried Portland cement grout haze and mortar residue from tile, concrete, and masonry. Safe for use on colored grouts. Removes hard water deposits, efflorescence, and also etches concrete. Use on all colors of grout, tile clay pavers, concrete and masonry. Do not use on marble or other polished stone. May etch some glazed tile. Depending on the application, 1 lb. of concentrated crystals will make from 1 to over 12 gallons of Sulfamic acid solution.

82% (10)
Floor Tile
Floor Tile
With 28 of 60 floor tiles set, I am willing to call it half-way, especially since the back row required cuts and the first courses are the most crucial. The ivory colour was selected long before I knew the wall colour or ceiling material. I originally intended to use dark green floor tile, but a real-world test proved that I could not keep it clean. In the end practicality had to win-out and this 13 x 13 inch ivory coloured tile was selected for its ability to hide (temporarily) calcium stains and its balance of texture (bunny grip) vs. cleanability. Function over form for a change. Grey epoxy grout when I am done. Epoxy for its ability to resist cleaning with vinegar (unlike cement based grouts) of those calcium stains.
CALIFORNIA DREAMIN' - Materials = salvaged glazed ceramic tile; Perdomo smalti; natural stone; metallic glazed ceramic tile; on 1/4" MDF; partially grouted with sanded grout. Size = 8" x 8" / 20 cm x 20 cm I painted the substrate in black lacquer before I started laying the tess since I ended up using Weldbond on this, rather than thinset, although I can definitely see some advantages in each adhesion method. I "taped" off the smalti flowers and painstakingly grouted the rest of the piece, but still ended up with a little grout on a few of the smalti pieces — which made them seem a bit dull, so I cleaned them as best I could with vinegar and my old set of dental tools.

cleaning tile grout with vinegar
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