Cleaning Greasy Kitchen Cabinets

cleaning greasy kitchen cabinets
    kitchen cabinets
  • Kitchen cabinets are the built-in furniture installed in many kitchens for storage of food, cooking equipment, and often silverware and dishes for table service. Appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and ovens are often integrated into kitchen cabinetry.
  • A group of unofficial advisers to the holder of an elected office who are considered to be unduly influential
  • (kitchen cabinet) an inner circle of unofficial advisors to the head of a government
  • (Kitchen Cabinet) The Kitchen Cabinet was a term used by political opponents of President of the United States Andrew Jackson to describe the collection of unofficial advisers he consulted in parallel to the United States Cabinet (the "parlor cabinet") following his purge of the cabinet at the
  • Make (something or someone) free of dirt, marks, or mess, esp. by washing, wiping, or brushing
  • the act of making something clean; "he gave his shoes a good cleaning"
  • (clean) free from dirt or impurities; or having clean habits; "children with clean shining faces"; "clean white shirts"; "clean dishes"; "a spotlessly clean house"; "cats are clean animals"
  • Remove the innards of (fish or poultry) prior to cooking
  • make clean by removing dirt, filth, or unwanted substances from; "Clean the stove!"; "The dentist cleaned my teeth"
  • Containing or cooked with too much oil or fat
  • smeared or soiled with grease or oil; "greasy coveralls"; "get rid of rubbish and oily rags"
  • Producing more body oils than average
  • (greasily) in a greasy manner; "the food was greasily unappetizing"
  • Covered with an oily substance
  • containing an unusual amount of grease or oil; "greasy hamburgers"; "oily fried potatoes"; "oleaginous seeds"
cleaning greasy kitchen cabinets - Greasy Rider:
Greasy Rider: Two Dudes, One Fry-Oil-Powered Car, and a Cross-Country Search for a Greener Future
Greasy Rider: Two Dudes, One Fry-Oil-Powered Car, and a Cross-Country Search for a Greener Future
Is it possible to drive coast-to-coast without stopping at a single gas pump? Journalist Greg Melville is determined to try. With his college buddy Iggy riding shotgun, this green-thinking guy—who's in love with the idea of free fuel—sets out on an enlightening road trip. The quest: to be the first people to drive cross-country in a french-fry car. Will they make it from Vermont to California in a beat-up 1985 Mercedes diesel station wagon powered on vegetable oil collected from restaurant grease Dumpsters along the way? More important, can two guys survive 192 consecutive hours together?

Their expedition on and off the road includes visits to the solar-powered Google headquarters; the National Ethanol Council; the wind turbines of southwestern Minnesota; the National Renewable Energy Lab; a visit to one of the first houses to receive platinum certification for leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED); an "eco-friendly" Wal-Mart; and the world's largest geothermal heating system.

Part adventure and part investigation of what we're doing (or not doing) to preserve the planet, Greasy Rider is upbeat, funny, and full of surprising information about sustainable measures that are within our reach.

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My House Used To Be A Dump: Filthy, filthy kitchen
My House Used To Be A Dump: Filthy, filthy kitchen
A better view of the entire kitchen in all it's grossness. The floor was sticky and covered in a 1/2" thick layer of GROSS, the cabinets were covered in some brown muck, the stove (which I sold in a garage sale and DID NOT USE) took FIVE CANS OF STOVE CLEANER, just to begin to get the grates clean, the ceiling had random spots all over it... and any drywall that was NOT removed had to be SANDED DOWN, because all the cobwebs that were all over them had been crusted over by flying grease from the stove... creating giant clumps of sticky, greasy, cobwebs. We spent a lot of money on gloves and face masks, is what I'm saying.
Ugh 08/27/2007
Ugh 08/27/2007
I rarely fry food, but apparently the previous renters of this house fried EVERYTHING. The top of the kitchen cabinets, where we display empty wine bottles, was covered with a solid film of brown, greasy, dusty goop. It doesn't really affect us since it's up so high and you can't see it, but I thought the smell of the house could only improve if I got rid of all that stale smelling stuff. This photo is in mid-clean, with all the streaks and gooey lumps. Easily one of the more disgusting things I've done, but now the cabinet tops are all smooth and white. Day 164 of Project 365.

cleaning greasy kitchen cabinets
cleaning greasy kitchen cabinets
Up Cutshin and Down Greasy: Folkways of a Kentucky Mountain Family
" Along the isolated headwaters of the Kentucky River--Cutshin and Greasy creeks--folklorist Leonard Roberts found the Couches, a remarkable mountain family of gifted memory and imagination. For half a century they had preserved the traditional ways of their forebears--the farming methods, the household arts, and the games, ballads, dances, and tales that were their chief entertainment. In Up Cutshin and Down Greasy, brothers Dave and Jim Couch, born about the turn of the century, recall clearly their childhood days on Sang Branch of Greasy and Clover Fork of Big Leatherwood. Dave, a professional moonshiner and bottlegger in his younger days, tells of his brushes with the law. Jim engaged in lumbering and coal mining, with a little moonshining on the side. His accounts of mine accidents, in particular the one that cost him his leg, give an insight into the minds of those who risk their lives underground for the sake of high pay. First published in 1959, the book is available once again in paperback to pleasure a new generation of readers.

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