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Facts About Cat and Dog Urine

  • Pet urine is sterile when a dog or cat urinates.
  • Urine starts as an acid and changes into urine salt crystals over time.
  • Urine salt crystals breed bacteria from the moisture that it attracts.
  • Bacteria is what produces the bad odor and ammonia build-up.
  • Urine does not actually ever fully dry - it can remain sticky for years.

How Michael Treats Pet odor

  • My pet odor removing process safely kills the germs and bacteria that cause the odor, which is 100% safe for pets, providing you with the best odor removal results.
  • My moisture sensors can locate pet odor sources for best treatment results.
  • For the worst case scenarios, we can replace your carpet pad under the affected areas and treat both the carpet and the floor at the same time if necessary.
  • Please be advised that pet urine can leave permanent stains and discoloration. In such cases we can provide a repair service to the area by replacing the affected area with a remnant, leftover piece or from an often unseen closet area.We have been removing pet odors and pet stains from carpets for over 25 years. If we can’t get it out, then no one can.

    If you have questions, just give me a call. We can provide a no obligation estimate as well.

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