How To Clean Printer Drum

how to clean printer drum
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Decibel profile.
Decibel profile.
Profile thing in Decibel with hilarious picture. I think Andy's quote about the Converge record was slightly mangled. He was pissed! Here's the "interview" in full: D: I have to admit, I had never heard of you guys until I read, in the Wire, about a show you guys did with Tony Conrad and Sunn O))). How long have you been around? How did you meet? ANDY: We started the band sometime in 2005, sans Bryan, who joined in 2007. Matthew and I had been playing music together since we were kids, and Terry and Mitch both went to the same high school as I did. So the band has been together for close to 5 years, though we didn't start doing anything on a national scale until 2007 when Bryan joined and we embarked on our first tour. MITCH: To be honest three of us--I won't say exactly who--formed a tribute band to make a little extra money on days we weren't working. It's REALLY embarrassing now but 311 had a lot to do with it. BRYAN: I knew Andy from around. He played in a couple of Baton Rouge bands that I would see from time to time. At some point, he took over drums in a thrash band I was putting on New Orleans shows called Hundred Eyes (which eventually lost a couple of guys and became We Need to Talk). Right after I moved back to New Orleans from my Katrina sabbatical, I was looking around for the right bands to put on the heavier shows I was doing and came across Thou. I loved the music, but the Acid Bath style vocals weren't my thing, so I started harrassing Andy about letting me sing for the band. At some point when they were recording Tyrant, the vocal tracks got erased, so they decided to finally try me out for a practice or two. They were into it, so we started working on new vocal lines for Tyrant, played a handful of shows locally, and then jumped on the summer tour I had already booked for We Need to Talk. A few months later I put out the Tyrant LP on One Eye Records with the help of our friend Darin Acosta and Terry's cousin Justin, and we did a few weeks touring the west coast. It's pretty much been non-stop from there. D: Tyrant is a surprise. It must be one of the most slept-on metal records of 2008. Have you noticed an uptick in interest in the record this past year? ANDY: The record definitely reached more ears when Southern Lord repressed it, but it was circulated pretty widely whenever we first released it in September of '07, and even wider when Gilead did the CD version in March of '08. It's been gaining momentum pretty steadily over the years. BRYAN: I actually tried to get a number of labels to put out Tyrant for us originally, but they either couldn't do it quick enough for the tour or didn't want to do it at all. But after we got back from that first three weeks of touring on it, I just went to town setting up trades on it and getting it out to a few distros. So I actually got rid of that first press of 500 pretty quickly. Our friend Andy Low from Robotic Empire had suggested sending a copy to Greg Anderson at Southern Lord, so I did that, and Greg gave me a call afterwards asking to repress it. It took a while for us to actually make it happen do to some technical issues with a printer we were working with, but we're pretty happy with how it ended up. I think we've probably seen more interest generated from just having our name associated with Southern Lord than even having the record out. And the couple of shows we did with Sunn in the NE and the SL showcase we did at SXSW really got us out to a lot of folks. Greg has just been incredibly supportive of our band, pretty much since he first found out about us. It's funny that you just mention Tyrant though, because we actually have a second full length that's been out for over a year now called Peasant that Level Plane released for us. And we're working on the third full length Summit as we speak. D: The best description of your music would probably be doom, but there’s also something about the band—Syncopated riffs? Blasted-out vocals?—that smacks of hardcore punk. Is that accurate? If so, what would be some of the hardcore reference points for the various members of Thou? ANDY: I don't think we consciously infuse hardcore into our sound, especially because only Bryan and I really listen to that genre. Still, I'm a big fan of the various shades of hardcore: the Pg.99/Majority Rule screamo-ish type of stuff; more straightforward stuff like Acts of Sedition, Double Negative, 311; powerviolence like Hatred Surge, SFN, Crossed Out, etc and everything in between. If any of our songs sound hardcore-informed, it's likely due to us picking up the pace just a tad. Just like any doom record can sound like a hardcore record if you play it at 45rpm and vice versa. Actually, Jane Doe by Converge is one of my favorite "unintentional doom" records. People always refer to our song "Smoke Pigs" as a hardcore song, when really it's just that it's a little faster than the rest of our so
Printers in the library
Printers in the library
There are multiple printers in the library for the students to use. Some cons would be that it is always on using electricity and being used 24/7 printing paper for students to use. The library is doing their best in trying to help make this machine earth friendly. They have it set as default to print on both sides of the paper instead of just one.

how to clean printer drum
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