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Quality Carpet One

quality carpet one
    carpet one
  • Carpet One Floor & Home is a home design retailers' cooperative in the carpet, rug, and other home design products (i.e.: vinyl, tile, hardwood, laminate, bamboo, cork, countertops, furniture, and window treatments) in North America, New Zealand, and Australia.
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Afghan handmade carpet
Afghan handmade carpet
We've been wanting to buy carpets for a long time. Today we went to a local shop which sells handmade carpets. We didn't know exactly how much we wanted to spend. After much (or not that much) consideration, we realized that it was better to buy handmade, high quality, natural & expensive, rather than mass made, poor quality, cheap ones. So yes, we've made an investment today, for a lifetime. One big carpet, two mediums and two smalls. The big one was made in Iran, and the other in Afghanistan. They are 100%wool & just gorgeous. I'll take better photos when the sun will be present again, and won't rollip the photos, so that you'll see the true colors. Oct 20th 2009
carpets and oranges
carpets and oranges
we tried to get a green plastic carpet, 2,40 m broad, they sell the lenght as you want. Green ist not a la mode this year .. Thewshopkeeper run through the neighbourhood to find a green one, found blue in 2 m, red in 4 m and so on .. One day later he had it, not first quality but the right colour and size and a squaremeter costs 3,50 € ! This is moroccan service!

quality carpet one
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