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Get Rid Carpet Beetles

get rid carpet beetles
    carpet beetles
  • A small beetle whose larva (a woolly bear) is destructive to carpets, fabrics, and other materials
  • Dermestidae are a family of Coleoptera that are commonly referred to as skin beetles. Other common names include larder beetle, hide or leather beetles, carpet beetles, and khapra beetles. There are approximately 500 to 700 species worldwide. They can range in size from 1–12 mm.
  • (carpet beetle) small beetle whose larvae are household pests feeding on woolen fabrics
    get rid
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Carpet beetle Anthrenus scrophulariae
Carpet beetle Anthrenus scrophulariae
Family: Carpet Beetles Dermestidae Identification: Exotic. First discovered in North America in 1855 and in Canada by 1928. Scales of dorsal surface black, white and red (or yellow), distributed in a characteristic pattern. Eyes notched in front, antennae 11-segmented, with club of 3 segments. Wing covers (elytra) mostly black with red scales along the middle line and the side edges also marked with three wavy white bands. Size: 2 to 3.8 mm Habitat: Meadows, forest edges and homes. Food: The adults are frequently found on flowers eating nectar. Larvae found in carpets, woolen goods, furs, silks and other materials containing animal products and natural fibers; also dried plants, flour and protein materials. They prefer dead insects – thus a feared pest of insect collections. Flight Time: May and June. Life Cycle: The female lays approximately 40 eggs on the larval food choice. Larval color varies according to color of food or substrate and is covered with brown hairs. It takes two to three months for mature larvae (5 mm long). When ready to pupate, the larvae may burrow further into the food or wander and burrow elsewhere. Complete life cycle about 95 days. About 4 mm. May 19, 2011 in S. W. Ontario, Canada.
Buffalo Carpet Beetle (Anthrenus scrophulariae) and a Swift Crab Spider (Mecaphesa celer) on a Pale Comandra (Comandra umbellata C. pallida)
Buffalo Carpet Beetle (Anthrenus scrophulariae) and a Swift Crab Spider (Mecaphesa celer) on a Pale Comandra (Comandra umbellata C. pallida)
The flower I'm sure about, but I'm not positive about the beetle and spider ID. Both insects are very tiny. I was taking a photo of the tiny flowers when I noticed the beetle. I didn't notice the spider under I looked at the photo on my camera and zoomed in on it. I watched for quite some time to see if the beetle would become lunch. The beetle got so close to the spider that they were almost touching, but nothing happened. Perhaps the spider doesn't like that outer crunchy shell. Okanagan Lake Provincial Park Summerland, BC BEST VIEWED LARGE

get rid carpet beetles
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