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Popular Carpet Styles

popular carpet styles
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popular carpet styles - Story Rugs,
Story Rugs, Tales of Freedom: The Work of Dale Gottlieb
Story Rugs, Tales of Freedom: The Work of Dale Gottlieb
Draws from a broad range of history, literature, and multicultural folklore to relate human triumphs over injustice and oppression Dale Gottlieb's Story Rugs draw from a broad range of history, literature, and multicultural folklore to relate human triumphs over injustice and oppression. With transcendent colours and playfully bold compositions, the rugs celebrate human courage and conviction in the face of such tragedies as civil-rights abuses, the Holocaust, and racial discrimination. With an unswerving faith in human potential, Gottlieb gives exquisite form to these tales of freedom with skill, sensitivity, and, at times, humour. Gottlieb creates her rugs with the help of expert carpet weavers working in Nepal.

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Back to Sonnenberg - Italian Garden
Back to Sonnenberg - Italian  Garden
Looking out over the Italian Garden. This shot was taken from the balcony / porch of the Master Bedroom on the second floor of the mansion. Created in 1903, this was the first of the existing gardens to be built. After Frederick Thompson passed away, his wife Mary hired Boston landscape architect Ernest Bowditch to redesign the estate grounds. The gardens that Bowditch and, after 1907, his assistant John Hanrahan created at Sonnenberg illustrate the transition from Victorian landscape practices to the eclectic garden styles and perennial plantings characteristic of the era of "country place" estates (1890-1940). This garden is closely related to the mansion and has its central pathway in line with the doors of the Library. Brownstone matching the mansion was used for the garden walls and balustrades. The four sunken beds are in the shape of modified "fleur-de-lis". This garden features some 15,000 red & gold annuals in each of the four sunken beds and showcases an elaborate carpet bedding style which has patterns with dense ribbons of colorful anuual foliage plants. Carpet bedding was popular during the Victorian era and its use in an early 20th-century Italian garden is not typical and shows a melding of garden ideas. Design has evolved over the centuries. During the Victorian Era the formal design of the garden returned with the reapperance of monumental architecture and ornaments like you see today. Although it is considered an Italian garden, the design is based on a form adapted to France's terrain and climate. From this vantage point or from the Library, visitors can look down on the garden to the 16th-centrury wellhead, which is in the center of the main path, and the Fountain of Hercules, which is toward the end of the garden. Sonnenberg Gardens & Mansion State Historic Park is located at 151 Charlotte Street in Canandaigua, NY. (147)
1929 Library - Carpet by Bigelow
1929 Library - Carpet by Bigelow
Bigelow carpets were sold during the 1920s to complement the traditional furnishings so popular at the time. I think they did more modern designs too, but the vast majority of buyers tended to prefer the traditional colonial styles.

popular carpet styles
popular carpet styles
Masterpieces of Victorian Erotica
There is no shortage of great works to compete for the title “masterpiece of Victorian erotica.” Indeed, as readers familiar with Dickens or Trollope can attest, the Victorians were nothing if not prolific. Yet to be a masterpiece, a work has to distinguish itself in many ways. It can be without equal in its subgenre or the apotheosis of its tradition. It can offer a deeper insight, a more vivid image, or a more surprising turn. Or it can be unique, truly peerless in its style, plot or execution. Having distinguished themselves in these ways, the works in this volume represent the very best of the Victorian erotic imagination. There’s poetry and prose, narrative and instructional guide; there’s fetish, queer, s-m, and vanilla; and there’s bawdy, tender and daring. For the newcomer to the Victorian erotic universe, these stories are the place to start. For the connoisseur, this collection offers undiscovered delicacies. For everyone, these stories cannot fail to arouse, stimulate and amaze with their delightful sexiness and bold originality.

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