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  • very good;of the highest quality; "made an excellent speech"; "the school has excellent teachers"; "a first-class mind"
  • Extremely good; outstanding
  • (excellence) the quality of excelling; possessing good qualities in high degree
  • (excellently) extremely well; "he did splendidly in the exam"; "we got along famously"
  • (example) model: a representative form or pattern; "I profited from his example"
  • A printed or written problem or exercise designed to illustrate a rule
  • (example) an item of information that is typical of a class or group; "this patient provides a typical example of the syndrome"; "there is an example on page 10"
  • (example) exemplar: something to be imitated; "an exemplar of success"; "a model of clarity"; "he is the very model of a modern major general"
  • A thing characteristic of its kind or illustrating a general rule
  • A person or thing regarded in terms of their fitness to be imitated or the likelihood of their being imitated
  • Begin to do or pursue (something) again after a pause or interruption
  • sketch: short descriptive summary (of events)
  • curriculum vitae: a summary of your academic and work history
  • Begin to be done, pursued, or used again after a pause or interruption
  • Begin speaking again after a pause or interruption
  • take up or begin anew; "We resumed the negotiations"
excellent resume examples
excellent resume examples - Otomedius Excellent
Otomedius Excellent
Otomedius Excellent
The lovely ladies of Otomedius Gorgeous arrive in the US for the first time in Otomedius Excellent!, the highly anticipated sequel to the Japan-exclusive arcade hit! Featuring heart-pounding classic Gradius-style shoot-em-up gameplay, a dazzling array of stunning visuals, and thrilling multiplayer action, Otomedius Excellent! is sure to be the must-own shooter of the year.

Otomedius Excellent is a unique side-scrolling Action-Arcade game exclusive to Xbox 360 that combines space ships and pretty girls in a way that could only have had its roots in the arcades of Japan. Features include: nine characters to choose from, Gradius style gameplay, three-person multiplayer support locally and via Xbox LIVE, improved graphics over previous games in the series, a stunning soundtrack, and much more.
Otomedius Excellent game logo Otomedius Excellent screenshot
The lovely rocket-riding ladies of Otomedius Gorgeous arrive in the US.
View larger.
The Japanese Otomedius Franchise Has Arrived
The lovely rocket-riding ladies of Otomedius Gorgeous arrive in the US for the first time in Otomedius Excellent, the highly anticipated sequel to the Japan-exclusive arcade hit. Otomedius Excellent is an Xbox 360 exclusive and features nearly ten playable characters, heart-pounding classic Gradius-style shoot-em-up gameplay, a dazzling array of stunning visuals, thrilling multiplayer action locally or via a connection to Xbox LIVE, an improved upgrade system, downloadable content and of course the Otomedius Excellent game disc. With all this and more it is sure to be the must-own arcade style shooter for Xbox 360 players in 2011 and beyond.
Key Game Features
Classic Gradius-style gameplay gets a stunning update. Experience 2D side-scrolling shoot-em-up gameplay like never before.
Brilliant graphics and an excellent soundtrack. Environments are rendered in hi-definition and complemented by thrilling music.
Lovely characters to pilot through an expanded world. Choose from nine characters on-disc to battle through all-new stages of thrilling shoot-em-up action.
Three's company as you team up with a friend or two over Xbox LIVE Arcade or on one Xbox 360 to have help obtaining hard-to-get items.
Eye-popping Gallery mode. View your unlocked stills and graphics in a new Gallery that grows as you progress through the game.
Additional Screenshots
Multiplayer Otomedius Excellent screenshot
Multiplayer support.
View larger. Otomedius Excellent screenshot
Brilliant graphics & soundtrack.
View larger. Otomedius Excellent screenshot
Shoot-em-up action.
View larger. Character and ship selection screenshot from Otomedius Excellent
Multiple ship & character choices.
View larger.

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Saint Mark's Episcopal Church
Saint Mark's Episcopal Church
Established on what was a part of the Alamo lands, Saint Mark's Episcopal Church traces its history to Trinity Church, a mission established in 1850 and disbanded in 1858. Saint Mark's Church was organized in 1858 with the Rev. Lucius H. Jones as first rector. Church construction began in December 1859, Col. Robert E. Lee, stationed in San Antonio at that time, was a leader in parish activities. The civil war interrupted construction, and work did not resume until 1873. The building was completed in 1875 under the leadership of the Rev. Walter R. Richardson. Saint Mark's was the cathedral of the missionary district of western Texas from 1876 to 1888. Designed by noted New York architect Richard Upjohn, Saint Mark's is an excellent example of a Gothic revival style church. It exhibits such hallmark features as buttresses, window tracery, and a castellated tower, designated a recorded Texas historical landmark, it received the official Texas historical building medallion in 1962. Active in missionary and community outreach endeavors throughout its history, Saint Mark's continues to offer a variety of programs, many of Saint Mark's rectors have become bishops of the Episcopal Church. (Marker No. 4463)
Excellent Coffee Shop
Excellent Coffee Shop
Coffee Shop at Hotel Bothwell, Sedalia, Missouri

excellent resume examples
excellent resume examples
Be Excellent at Anything: The Four Keys To Transforming the Way We Work and Live
This book was previously titled, The Way We're Working Isn't Working.
Be Excellent at Anything is one of those rare books with the power to profoundly transform the way we work and live.
Demand is exceeding our capacity. The ethic of "more, bigger, faster" exacts a series of silent but pernicious costs at work, undermining our energy, focus, creativity, and passion. Nearly 75 percent of employees around the world feel disengaged at work every day. Be Excellent at Anything offers a groundbreaking approach to reenergizing our lives so we’re both more satisfied and more productive—on the job and off.
By integrating multidisciplinary findings from the science of high performance, Tony Schwartz, coauthor of the #1 bestselling The Power of Full Engagement, makes a persuasive case that we’re neglecting the four core needs that energize great performance: sustainability (physical); security (emotional); self-expression (mental); and significance (spiritual). Rather than running like computers at high speeds for long periods, we’re at our best when we pulse rhythmically between expending and regularly renewing energy across each of our four needs.
Organizations undermine sustainable high performance by forever seeking to get more out of their people. Instead they should seek systematically to meet their four core needs so they’re freed, fueled, and inspired to bring the best of themselves to work every day.
Drawing on extensive work with an extra-ordinary range of organizations, among them Google, Ford, Sony, Ernst & Young, Shell, IBM, the Los Angeles Police Department, and the Cleveland Clinic, Schwartz creates a road map for a new way of working. At the individual level, he explains how we can build specific rituals into our daily schedules to balance intense effort with regular renewal; offset emotionally draining experiences with practices that fuel resilience; move between a narrow focus on urgent demands and more strategic, creative thinking; and balance a short-term focus on immediate results with a values-driven commitment to serving the greater good. At the organizational level, he outlines new policies, practices, and cultural messages that Schwartz’s client companies have adopted.
Be Excellent at Anything offers individuals, leaders, and organizations a highly practical, proven set of strategies to better manage the relentlessly rising demands we all face in an increasingly complex world.