In Process

These pictures show one project for which I actually remembered to take "In Process" pictures. Somehow i am usually too busy to break out the camera.
It is a first floor family room, where we removed an awkward, shag carpeted spiral staircase, replacing it with a custom stairwell, adding a woodstove, and a neat interior accent window to divide the entry way (and block any draft the open door might send towards the living space) in a cool, inviting way.

This set also shows how the process goes. I didn't have one from before demolition, but we had a couple weeks there, then pic 1, a couple weeks, pic2, a couple weeks, pic 3... you get the idea. Its not an overnight transformation like on the TV shows, but these things really do happen.

On an efficiency and systems note for this project, we insulated with 4.5" closed cell spray foam in the 2x8 exterior wall, to both air seal and keep it warm. We brought all electrical up to current code, and made provisions for future exterior lights and service to the detatched garage. We brought in new ducting from the furnace to properly spread the warmth and discovered that it had an undersized return. That problem was solved pulling air from as far from the wood stove as possible, creating a good cycle of air when it is in use. We also corrected some under supported framing that caused a bump in the upstairs floor before we put down the engineered hickory.

Sometimes it doesn't make sense to just make it pretty. We need to make it work well first.                      Total cost was kept under a $50k budget