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Home Performance is not just our passion, but our OBLIGATION. We believe it is our Obligation to consume only what is needed and to limit excess. Whether it is for our selves or our homes, maintaining comfort is essential, but we like to do it the smart way.

You wouldn't try to live like a Walrus to combat the cold. Being Human has its advantages. We don't need a thick layer of blubber, we can put on a jacket, hat and boots. It is smarter and better for you.

It is also better to keep a warm jacket hat and boots on your home. It is easy for some to recommend adding a thick layer of insulation in the attic, but how much do you have? How much do you need? Is your insulation performing properly? How can you tell? The answers to most of these questions come through applying established Building Science expertise. Humans have learned a lot over the centuries about the homes we live in. Let us put that knowledge to task for your home.

Every home is different. We have experience in all types of houses from Queen Anne Victorians, to postwar Ranches, Craftsman Cottages and Capes. Problems are different in an 1890s home than a 1990s home. The style and age of a home tells many tales, but we can also read frost patterns on the roof, bubbling paint, cold spots, drafts, and rot damage to diagnose what is actually happening in your home when the cold/warm, wet/dry weather cycles hit. Sometimes those 1990s homes have more problems than the 1890s.

Let us come in and tell you what your home is trying to say. We can help solve the puzzle those confusing symptoms show us. Whether it is through the use of heat-reading Infra Red cameras, or draft -inducing Blower Door tests, a home energy audit is a customized prescription for the safest, most comfortable, and fuel efficient home possible. Don't just blindly throw money at replacement windows or extra attic insulation expecting to see results on the fuel bill. Wouldn't you like to know if there will be an appropriate return on that investment?

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If Home Performance is our mission, Renovations are our bread and butter. Years ago we got started installing floors, and kitchen cabinets. We still do both, and our experience has grown and grown. We handle everything the way a contractor should. We are your one-point contact for all aspects of your project. Need a Plumber or Electrician? We will arrange for trained, experienced professionals to come in at the right time for the project. That way, there are no unexpected delays.

We handle small jobs like drywall and rot repairs. We handle middle-sized jobs like kitchen makeovers and decks. We also handle large scale additions and deep energy retrofits. For each of these projects we help with everything: soup to nuts,  permitting to completion. Our labor rates are very competitive. We are fully licensed and insured. And unlike other contractors, we want you to check us out and see what you are getting first hand.

The goal of every project is that at the end, we part company happy all around, with no surprises. If you are not satisfied, tell us, and we will do our best to fix it. After all, that is what we do.

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