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Español Dos Syllabus and Classroom Procedures

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Español Dos Vocababulario                         Español Dos Weekly assignments



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Español Tres Syllabus and Classroom Procedures

syllabusspa3.doc , ClassroomProcedures.doc




Español Tres Vocabulario                    Español Tres Weekly Assignments



Some Useful Websites:                        


(This website will properly pronounce all the letters of the spanish alphabet.)

 ( This website can help you practice verb conjugations)    (Adjectives)   (subjunctives SPA3)   "                                   "   "                                    " (SPA 2 & 3 future) (Questions)  (Spa 2 & 3 Just for fun Spanish) ,      (future tense) (conditional) (subjunctive) ( Spa 2 &3 Go to where you can pick your own verbs)


ThePresentParticiplesofRegularVerbs.doc (spanish3 Capítulo 4a) (Past perfect quiz Spa3 Practice) ( numbers) (Spa3 Subjunctive/Indicative)  (Spa2 & 3 Por and Para)

To add an accented character to an exercise:
1.  Hold down the alt key 2.  On the numeric keypad, type the number code from below  3.  Release the alt key









ALT 160

ALT 130

ALT 161

ALT 162

ALT 163 ALT 164

ALT 168

ALT 173