Why Consult Me?

I enjoy counselling because of the relationship it creates between myself and my client.

"In a safe space, when a client feels heard, understood, and supported, I find they move towards self understanding, acceptance and awareness, and thereby feel they have more choice."

Contact details

Please phone for an appointment or to discuss any queries you may have:

07984 100 702 (Preferred number to ring)
01382 542 957 (Home phone number)

You may also contact me by email in the first instance:

c.strobos ‘at sign’ outlook.com

Consulting room is available in either Newport-on-Tay or Dundee (map available upon request).

What I offer!

I offer Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy, with over ten years experience in working with people in this way. I have 6 years experience in offering Supervision to other counsellors. I combine psychodynamic and humanistic styles of counselling. Having graduated from the Minster Centre with a Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy (1998) I then became UKCP accredited and registered (2002).

About Me

I graduated from The Minster Centre with a Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy (1998) and am now UKCP Accredited and Registered (2002). I’ve volunteered for CRUSE Bereavement Care Scotland since 2001. Therefore, one of my particular interests and experiences is in working with loss in all its guises.
At present, I work for Rowan Consultancy and in private practice. I am also an affiliate member of many EAP organisations.  I also have been asked by the Social Work department to provide occasional counselling for members of their staff who do not wish to use the in-house counselling service.  I supervise other counsellors privately and within CRUSE.
As part of my training, I worked in a tertiary care day centre in the NHS. This gave me vast experience in working with adult survivors of sexual abuse and adults with mental illness, including depression and anxiety. I started a private practice and my work with EAP organisations in 2001.  I started working for Rowan Consultancy in 2004.
My particular interest and experience in working with loss in all its guises comes from my voluntary work with CRUSE since 2001. Working in a tertiary care day centre in the NHS has given me experience in working with adult survivors of sexual abuse and mental illness, including depression and anxiety.
I started supervising other counsellors and within CRUSE in 2003.
I am a member of   Taynet

What to Expect

When you phone me for an appointment, we will decide on a suitable time that we can meet and I will give you details of where we will meet and some of our contract together.  At our first assessment session, I will explain my confidentiality policy with you and answer any questions that you may have. We will have time for you to talk and tell me why you are coming for counseling at this point in your life.  From that we will decide together whether I am the right person for you and what our goals will be for our work together.  We can be as open –ended or as structured as you wish, in terms of how many sessions you wish to attend.  We will review regularly, as to how we are reaching your goals and whether they are the right ones and how many sessions we wish to continue for.


Strict confidentiality is always maintained and is an essential part of the therapeutic process. I will not pass on personal information to anyone unless:
•    You give express consent to disclose information
•    I believes that you or a third party is in serious danger
•    I would be liable to civil or criminal court procedure if the information was not disclosed
In all cases you will be encouraged to pass on the information to the relevant person or agency yourself.
In line with professional requirements, I may discuss sessions with a supervisor external to Rowan. In this process your identity is not revealed.

Record Keeping and Notes

It is essential for counsellors and psychotherapists to be able to keep records on clients and their sessions. All clients engaging in counselling or therapy are asked to formally agree (by signature) to this. If a client will not sign, only one session can be offered.
Therapeutic notes may record background information and key issues discussed in the sessions. These will vary in length and detail. Points of concern are also noted. These notes are kept separate from personal details.


If you are dissatisfied or have any concerns with your counselling or psychotherapy please discuss this with me. If you continue to be dissatisfied, you can contact the UKCP, the professional body with whom I am aligned.