Mid-Atlantic Song Contest

Three songs from A Rumor in the Mill were honored by the 2014 Mid-Atlantic Song Contest!  "The Sextant" and "The Lucky Ones" were both Finalists in the Folk / Acoustic categories, and "Fifteen Years Ago" received Honorable Mention. The international songwriting competition is sponsored by the Songwriters Association of Washington.

Now Hear This:

You know what it is about Carolyn Fischer?

I believe her. She doesn't give me any choice. Her songs are honest. She gets behind the eyes of whoever she's writing and tells their truth. Theirs and all of ours. You may have heard me cover her song, "The Sextant," a song about a young girl who travels with a sailor only to find his "heart is tethered to the sea." All of her songs and earnest, sweet singing, as well as a healthy dose of mandolin, courtesy of Tom Espinola bring a real down home feel to her new debut CD, "A Rumor in the Mill."

Simple, driving production frames the songs so that the record plays like a photo album of candid photographs. The only school portrait is a fun memory of her 3rd grade best friend, Megan, who moved to California. Some of these stories are Carolyn's own, others drawn from great books and friends. And each of them feels like mine, in a way. I'd be willing to bet you'll feel the same.

-- LEA, February 14, 2014