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This is where you can read all my more-or-less finished papers about Fair Trade.  No doubt these materials will be invaluable for my future biographer in tracing my early intellectual development.  But assuming that you are NOT planning on writing my biography, this may or may not be of any interest at all.  On the other hand, you may find something of interest if you happen to be researching social science perspectives on the Fair Trade system or other alternative trade practices.  (If so, you should also see the bibliography and links section of this site).


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A History of Fair Trade.  This paper was written for a graduate class on consumption, and is heavily biased towards Equal Exchange and the Fair Trade movement in the U.S..

 Some Historical Context for the Institutional History of Equal Exchange.  This was written for a class called Anthropology of the United States, and even more than the above is focused on the one company, Equal Exchange, where they were lucky enough to allow me to hang out for a few days in exchange for doing some volunteer filing/sorting.

Consumer Reaction to Fair Trade.  This reports on a very small research project I did for a sociology class in market research.  The research has a number of serious limitations--if you read it, please pay attention to the caveats at the end.

Trading in Good Conscience. A paper which I read at the American Anthropological Association's 2005 annual meeting in Washington, DC.  I was the only student on a whole panel of anthropologists, all talking about Fair Trade or Free Trade.  Hopefully longer versions of all these paper will be published soon as a special issue of the journal Culture and Agriculture--stay tuned, fans!

Why Buy Fair? This is a conference paper based on the supermarket research.  It was presented at a roundtable discussion at the Eastern Sociological Society's meetings. 

 Implications of Fair Trade for Dominant Market Ideologies.  This was my first conference paper, and it seems mostly like a less-interesting version of my AAA paper.  But I'm including it here anyways because I still think some of the things about advertising and competition are worthwhile.