1994 PCA Candidates Matches

Interzonal qualifiers were joined by Short (previous challenger).

Quarterfinals were 'best of 8 games', semi-finals were 'best from 10 games', and the final was 'best from 12 games'.
In case of a tie, 2-game mini matches were played until the decision (first two at 30 minutes per game, the rest at 15 minutes per game).
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Kamsky-Short semi-final match is one of those matches that will always be remembered because of the off-the-board antics. Kamsky catched a cold and was coughing heavelly at the board. At one point this annoyed Short so much that he told Kamsky, during the game (!), to drink some water to clear his throath. Of course speaking during the games is strictly forbiden, and the Kamsky camp (with Kamsky's father Rustam) filled a complaint after the game (which Kamsky has lost). There were also alegations of cheating and all sorts of different things (like counting the bathroom visits). At one point Rustam Kamsky even threatened Short with death Eek. 12 years after this match when Short and Kamsky were following the Topalov-Kramnik World Championship match on Playchess.com, Short started to talk about their 1994 match. At first Kamsky didn't want to talk about it, but in the end he challenged Short to a fist fight!!! Read here.

Anand qualified for the PCA World Championship match against Kasparov.