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History and Culture

Chess.com - Batgirl
Sarah's Chess Journal
Sarah Cohen's blog mainly about modern chess history containing a lot of original research, with the largest collection of information about Paul Morphy.

Raymond Reid on History of Chess.

Chess Tournament and Match History
Major matches and tournaments with crosstables and games in pgn format.

Encyclopaedia of chess events.

Jeff Sonas site on chess statistics

Edo Historical Chess Ratings
Historical Chess Ratings.

Chess history with an archive of chess history research articals.

Chess Notes
Edward Winter digging in modern chess history.
Wikipedia Dutch
A huge variety of articals about chess in an encyclopedic manner.

Wikipedia English
A huge variety of articals about chess in an encyclopedic manner.

High quality chess columns.

Bill Wall's columns
Bill Wall's where Chess History and Culture on the net started.

La Regence Manureus
Postal Cards

David Lawless is gathering chess quotes on all thinkable chess topics.

Link Collections

Mario Ciani's very beautiful and well organized site hardly gives you the impression that you are browsing a very complete chess link collection.

Huge Chess Link Collection

Dutch Chess Link Collection

Chess Collectors

Motiefgroep Schaken
Dutch Chess Collectors site with many meetings and lots of nice things to know or to see.

Internet Shops and Stores

De Beste Zet
"The Best Move" is a very well assorted chess webshop.


Wholesale Chess is a great place to purchase chess sets.

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