Chess and Heraldry

Origin of Heraldry
Heraldry and chess should have appeared in Europe around 1250. In 1283
the richly illustrated manuscript  "Libro del Acedrex" was written for the Spannish king Alfonso X. All important european chess characteristics were already shown, like a checkered board which can be seen on the following picture.

In 1285 the Waepon roll of Wijnbergen appeared, showing the start of Heraldry. But surprisingly the colors and symbols of the shields follow directly strict rules. Heraldry was mature with its first document to appear, this is of course suspect and hints maybe to an earlier date for the start of heraldry. The following picture shows a page from this waepon roll.

Question marks at the european start of chess and heraldry are seldomly set. , A lot of interesting surprises appear when you really go digging. The waepon of Moravia is already seen on a grave from 1092. Heraldry explains where the eagle comes from (the czech royal house of Premysl), The red and white chessboard pattern is not explained. The waepon appears 150 years before the start of heraldry, and the checkered pattern is also much earlier then the suppopsed rise in popularity of chess after 1250.

The origin of chess influences in heraldry will here be investigated, going beyond the borders of the conventional history.