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Norberto Conti was born in Buenos Aires on March 28, 1940. Studied Engineering, Mathematics and Art and worked as illustrator for large publishing houses and multi-national corporations. Norberto moved to Brazil in 1972.

There are a least three themes that apparently fascinate Conti: chess and Bobby Fischer, one of the greatest players of all times, as its icon.

Alice and her references to Wonderland and mirrors as a way to know the world. There is still Quantum Physics, one of the key foundations of contemporary science that serve to explain the behavior of minimal particles that are the origin of physical phenomena linked to computers, nuclear plants, lasers, tomography and nuclear bombs.

This thematic triad, through a well-executed oil technique in search of chromatic solutions, layers and transparencies, deals above all, with the mystery of space and time. The chessmen, the undulated chessboards, the chess castles associated to Don Quixote’s windmills are visual manifestations of the relativism of everything that surrounds us and what we imagine as real.

Alice is so important, because of her journey with different characters, and her presence in an improbable chess game, involves the poetry of the Argentine painter. Bobby Fischer is also shown as a character on the chessboard of life. 

Chess Paintings

2009 Sicilian game

Knight sacrifice.

Noberto Conti on Bobby Fischer

Bobby Fischer was one of the greatest world chess champions that have ever existed. More than for its creative, strong yet simple play he captivated me because he stood alone against the apparently invincible Soviet chess empire. Most of all, he impressed me because single-handedly, almost quixotically, he destroyed the soviet plot to continue to dominate the chess world. In my series, which I started shortly after his death, I pay homage to his mental strength, his creativity and his chess magic.

2008 Portrait of Bobby Fischer I

Bobby Fischer leaving the battlefield of his heroic crusade against the Soviet chess empire.

2008 Portrait of Bobby Fischer II

In quantum physics it is assumed that the mere observation of an experiment has direct influence on results. Here we see Bobby Fischer transforming a game through his unbeatable gift for observation of chess phenomena.

2008 Bobby Fischer through the looking glass

Bobby Fischer, the once young maverick that stunned opponents, destroyed their egos, and conquered the chess world, watches his own future self through the mirror in a sea of chessboard-like quantum foam.

2008 Re-inventing the game

Creativity soaring through Bobby’s surrealistic perception of the game.

2009 Alice, Bobby, steak and salad

In 1971, Bobby Fischer played a candidates match against former World Champion Tigran Petrosian in Buenos Aires. Bobby’s victory was celebrated with a typical Argentinean lunch.

Alice in Wonderland Paintings

Noberto Conti on Alice

Lewis Carroll, author, mathematician, logician and photographer, well known for his fantastic “Alice’s adventures in wonderland” and its sequence “Through the looking glass”, was the creator of a magic world that teased my imagination since my early childhood. When, some twenty years ago, I entered the exciting world of quantum physics, I found many of its paradoxes to be reminiscent of Carroll’s stunning creations. Many a time, when painting, some of the magic of Alice and quantum physics worlds seem to linger on my canvas. So it is no surprise that so much of Alice’s surrealistic presence is displayed in my paintings.

2007 Schrödinger’s cat

The double paradox of Schrödinger’s cat as seen by Alice.

2008 Schrödinger’s cat II

This is a new version of Schrödinger’s cat and Alice as they watch themselves through the looking glass.

2008 A walk in the quantum park

Alice walks in a quantum landscape as if in a timeless wonderland.

2008 Alice in multiple universes

In Alice’s multiple universes a multitude of seemingly unimportant events occur simultaneously as if Wonderland was more than one and yet the same.

2009 A dip in Wonderland

Alice about to have a swim in a different Wonderland.

2009 Alice in Wonderland’s Bubble Chamber

Alice and particle trajectories.

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