Michel Ducruet

Michel Ducruet is french polymorphic Artist: Painter, Sculptor, Photographer and Writer !


Michel Bruneau has built a fantastic site about the game of chess: ( www.chess-theory.com ) . Michel DuCruet was inspired by this and bought in a bazaar a tray and a box of ordinary chess pieces, creating the following nice photo art, just like his "The Book of Pears", from the nineties.

Here you can see the setup for the very artistic photographs:

2007 Knights

2007 Mirrors

Outside the box, closed like Pandora then open for the pleasure of a battle. In  disorder and confusion actors are brought on board so we put them away. The players are dreaming of spaces and beating and weigh the chances of a remarkable ending ...

2008 The Evil Genius

2008 Positive Attitude

1993 Dididuc (resembles the Thinker?)