Da Vinci Code and other Mysteries

Dan Brown in his book the Da Vinci Code interested a lot of people in medieval symbolism. But Dan Brown is just like everybody overlooking the chess symbols hidden in many churches from the Knights Templar, the Teutonic Knights and other Christian orders.

There are there many chessboards and checkered stones in churches, even from before the time chess officially entered europe. Do they have a concealed meaning?

Checkered floors are standard for freemason lodges. The usage can be traced back to the middle ages. Les known is that the current chess pawns are modeled to the two pillars.

Death and the devil are often used in connection with chess symbolism. In the magdalena church of Rennes-le-Chateu is a devil who looks to a chess board. The devil is hiding its true face (the knight). Parchment show that there is a riddle connected to the knights move.