Carolinian Bassmasters

Gander Mountain - Buggs Island


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Carolinian Bassmasters Purpose:
(Excerpt from our by-laws)
The purpose of the club is to educate members on issues, concerns, and fishing techniques through fellowship and participation in accordance with the standards set by The Bass Federation Inc. (TBF, Inc). Through membership, individuals and the Club will grow stronger.

Currently the club membership is at full capacity. If you have an interest please submit your contact information to this email address. Thank you for your understanding.

Carolinian Bassmasters Creed:
(Excerpt from our by-laws)
I promise to create among my fellow anglers and the general public, an awareness of my Chapter's contribution to American angling, conservation, and outdoor recreation.  I will encourage and instruct the youth of my community in the art of bass fishing.  I further pledge to comply fully with all conservation codes, to protect our waters through the detection of violations, and to report any polluter of our nation's waters.