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Week of 11/17

posted Nov 12, 2012, 5:53 PM by Dylan Meyer   [ updated Nov 12, 2012, 5:54 PM ]
Well this is it folks, the last week of scheduled play before the much needed winter break. Granted we still have a few more weeks of misery to go though with classes and exams before we get to experience what this mythical "free time" actually is; and all without Quidditch to help us through :'(.

1st, slight mistake on my part. The games at ETSU were scheduled for the 17th not the 10th.

Lets see who is playing this week; 2 teams are coming out for their first game (ETSU and APP) to play, #6 UNCG and #7 Winthrop will add another three games to their roster coming to 5 and 6 GP respectively, #10 NCSU is coming out for their second game, and my personal favorite #5 UNC, currently one of two teams who have started their seasons and remain undefeated BTW, has their second game of the seasons.

This is one packed weekend, and will for sure lead to a lot of changes in the rankings.

- UNCG, App, and Winthrop @ ETSU (o_O, 3.5 hours drive UNCG and Winthrop; more power to you and glad it is not me. Not that I would not gladly make the drive to play Quidditch).


Check back in next Wednesday on the 2012- 2013 Season page for articles on both sets of games (The article at ETSU will either be really long or I will make an article for every game played. This depends on the amount of feedback and commentary I receive).

Changes to the Site:
- Edited Schedule and Standings
- Added a NC and SC division standings