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    Originally, the CQC was to be named The 'Southeastern Quidditch Conference' and consisted of a larger range of states. After failed attempts, CQC Founder, Jeffrey Lusk, would took over in late fall 2011. The format was then changed to promote unity among the key group of the SEQC, North Carolina and South Carolina teams. The original members prior to creation consisted of entirely NC teams (UNC, UNCG, NCSU, Duke, App State). By January, 2012, the CQC expanded into South Carolina territory. They also have made one exception to the Carolinian rule, with the admission of Eastern Tennessee State University.

    NC State would be the first team to host a tournament in NC. They invited UNC, Duke and UNCG to an event in Fall of 2010. The event would be titled the Tobacco Road Cup, In honor of a traditional rivalry based on the road that travels between three of the universities in attendance. State went on to claim victory over UNC. The rest of this season would go on with virtually no games.

Lead-up to First Year
    The following year, following the troubles of an inability to unify in Fall of 2011, Jeffrey Lusk would rise to prominence in the group forums on Facebook. He began taking it upon himself to try and organize the region, into a more manageable, consistent group. The states outside of NC and SC were removed due to driving distances, and low number of teams. The aim was to have at least eight teams by the start of 2013.

    UNCG would go on to host the big tournament of the year, in Spring of 2012. Six teams were in attendance, of the then ten teams interested in joining the CQC. Eastern Tennessee State University, was offered a spot and honorary membership, on their continued good standing with teams in NC through constant play. App State would go 3-0 taking down UNC twice in order to seal their tournament win. The conference would then expand to 13 teams in its long wait for the inaugural season. Two teams, which were High Schools teams from Raleigh, NC, and Enloe, SC.

The first CQC sponsored event was held on August 25th, 2012 at Wrightsville Beach, NC. The Whomping Wilmington Beach tournament consisted of 3 pickup teams, featuring players from UNC, UNCW, UNCG, NCSU, Winthrop, App State, and non-conference teams UMD and NYU.

Year 1
    The Inaugural Regular Season started off September 15th at UNCG, where Greensboro were routed by UNC. Each team would have to play six conference games in the season, leading up to the first official championship.

    The first official Conference Championships took place on March 23rd, 2013 in Greensboro, NC. It was the largest tournament to date. 16 teams were invited to participate, but only 12 would show. UNC would get revenge this time, in a rematch of the previous year. After going undefeated in pool play, UNC faced their old rival App State. Chapel Hill went on to win, and finally claim the trophy after two years of being runner-up.

    In late July, The CQC would team up with the IQA for their annual Fantasy Tournament. All winnings would be donated to the charity of the teams choosing. Ten teams with players traveling as far as Louisiana and New York would face-off. Orange Team won the day, defeating Tye-Dye Team. Orange decided to donate their $350 dollars to TransYouth Family Allies.

    In the wake of its second year, the conference underwent many changes. High school teams would be removed for safety reasons. ETSU would leave to join the Tenn-Tucky Quidditch Conference, also run by Jeffrey Lusk. UNC-Charlotte, Western Carolina University, and College of Charleston would join. Once again the conference would be at 13 teams. An election for Commissioner would take place, along with the creation of a constitution.  Mr. Lusk re-won his position by a commanding margin. Winthrop would be chosen to help host the next championship

     Mirroring last season, Conference play would kick off at UNCG. The Minerva Cup would be won, once again by UNC, showing they haven't taken a break since last year. They would beat VCU, a high ranking national team from Virginia, in a 200-30 Finals win. WCU, also showed not to underestimate new teams. In pool play, they would go 2-1, losing to UNC by 3 goals. WCU would lose to UNC again in the semi-finals. The next conference event is set to take place at Charlotte.

  • 2010-2011: North Carolina State University (Unofficial)
    • Winner of the Tobacco Road Cup
  • 2011-2012: Appalachian State University (Unofficial)
    • Winner of the Greensboro Gauntlet
  • 2012-2013: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    • Winner of the Greensboro Gauntlet II
Other Awards

  • Regular Season Champs: UNC-13'
  • NC Division Champs: UNC-13'
  • SC Division Champs: CCU-13'