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About Us

The 'Carolinas Quidditch Conference' is the premiere Quidditch Conference, in North and South Carolina. It was created to promote unity in the Carolinas as well as organize the region. The CQC currently consists of 13 member teams and 4-5 prospective teams under development. It is an independently run group from the IQA, so as to not limit the freedoms of Carolinian teams. That being said, they work in conjunction with the IQA, as some teams are IQA official.
---Commissioner - Jeffrey Lusk

My introduction to quidditch, was not one by much choice.  An old friend and my roommate at the time,badgered me into coming out to practice.  I joined the UNC-Greensboro Team in 09' during its creation. From there, I immediately fell in love with the sport and begin planning bigger things for the region. We quickly moved from 5 North Carolina schools in early 2011 to 13 schools across North and South Carolina, by the start of our first conference season. I'm an Information Systems major, going into my last semester at Gboro. When I'm not plagued with quidditch on the brain, film making is one of my biggest hobbies. If I could make quidditch my day job, I would. But for now, I'll be satisfied with expanding our outreach.

---NC Competition Chair - Nathan Love

---SC Competition Chair - Meghan Kelly

---Advertising Chair - Sara Hallbick

---Championship Director - Jackie Ross

---Webmaster - Allie Nelson   

"Well lets see, what to say about me? I am a member of the UNC-CH Quidditch Team, and am a Quantitative Biology Student. I have a history of fiddling around with computers, people, instruments, and generally anything that is interesting. Quidditch is interesting, so that is why I am on the team at UNC. As for why I am webmaster for CQC, well lets just say I am a little bit insane.

Eh, that is all I feel like writing about myself (other people are more interesting), so this will have to do until I can convince someone else to write me something to post here.

Now time to go Facebook stalk the other CQC staff until I know them well enough to write a decent Bio. " - Previous Web Administrator, and current president of UNC Quidditch Dylan Meyer

Other - ("come up with something and I might hire you"-Jeffrey Lusk)

***Bios (and contact information) for all personnel are forthcoming.***