Welcome to the Official website of the Carolinas Quidditch Conference!  The CQC is NC/SC's premiere Quidditch Conference.  We are dedicated to the advancement and recognition of Quidditch as a premiere sporting event.

    The 2013-2014 season is currently underway. Our first event of the year was held at UNCG on September 14th, with 8 teams.

    The CQC boasts a roster of 13 teams. Consisting of eleven colleges and two community teams, the CQC comprises the most ambition league of Quidditch yet. Spanning a dual state system; our goal, is to share our passion of Quidditch with Harry Potter fans and Non-Harry Potter fans alike.

    Congratulations to UNC for winning both the 2012-2013 Regular Season and 2013 Conference Championship Titles.
UNC won the NC Division Title as well, while Coastal Carolina claimed the SC Division Title.

    The CQC also works to uphold the three main ideals held by the IQA. Creativity, Community, and Competition.
         NC State @ Duke October 24th, 2010

   Volunteers will be needed for all functions throughout the year. Specifically, for the summer fantasy games, and general operations. If you are interested in volunteer work please email me at carolinasquidditchconference@gmail.com or jalusk2@uncg.edu


posted Jul 23, 2013, 4:38 PM by Dylan Meyer

Congratulations to Jeffery Lusk who was elected for another year with 80% of the team votes as of 7/23/2013.

In a message to the public:

"Hey, I'm going to keep this short, but thank you to all the teams who voted for me. If you voted for me or not, My inbox is open. PLEASE come to me if you have ideas, concerns, or anything else. I think this year is going to shape up really well. If you need help planning a tournament in the fall let me know, and I'll see how I can help. Or if you want me at your fall kickoff, I'll see if it can be done. Thanks again!"

Under his leadership CQC is preparing to enter into the 2013-2014 regular season with a series of new programs aimed at dramatically improving what was arguably the most successful Quidditch organization outside of the IQA itself.

As the summer comes to an end do not forget to check back in with your teams and get ready for another year full of Quidditch.

Week of 11/17

posted Nov 12, 2012, 5:53 PM by Dylan Meyer   [ updated Nov 12, 2012, 5:54 PM ]

Well this is it folks, the last week of scheduled play before the much needed winter break. Granted we still have a few more weeks of misery to go though with classes and exams before we get to experience what this mythical "free time" actually is; and all without Quidditch to help us through :'(.

1st, slight mistake on my part. The games at ETSU were scheduled for the 17th not the 10th.

Lets see who is playing this week; 2 teams are coming out for their first game (ETSU and APP) to play, #6 UNCG and #7 Winthrop will add another three games to their roster coming to 5 and 6 GP respectively, #10 NCSU is coming out for their second game, and my personal favorite #5 UNC, currently one of two teams who have started their seasons and remain undefeated BTW, has their second game of the seasons.

This is one packed weekend, and will for sure lead to a lot of changes in the rankings.

- UNCG, App, and Winthrop @ ETSU (o_O, 3.5 hours drive UNCG and Winthrop; more power to you and glad it is not me. Not that I would not gladly make the drive to play Quidditch).


Check back in next Wednesday on the 2012- 2013 Season page for articles on both sets of games (The article at ETSU will either be really long or I will make an article for every game played. This depends on the amount of feedback and commentary I receive).

Changes to the Site:
- Edited Schedule and Standings
- Added a NC and SC division standings

Week of 11/10

posted Nov 7, 2012, 10:59 AM by Dylan Meyer   [ updated Nov 8, 2012, 4:02 AM ]

Well, people have been busy since the last post. First and for most congratulations to our 3 teams at the MARC, especially QC Carolinas! The Carolinas are going to show Florida and the national what we are about, this April.

Heading into the last two weeks of scheduled play before the winter break CCU leads the league with USC coming in a close second.

5 teams are set to play this weekend (Saturday) at two different locations: UNCG and App @ ETSU; and Furman @ UNCW. These should prove to be an interesting series of matches.

- 2 team play their first game for this season (App and ETSU).

- UNCG, coming off their win against UNCW, and has the chance to propel themselves to the top of the rankings should they pull off two clear victories on Saturday.
- Furman @ UNCW are both looking for their first conference win of the season, and to get some momentum going into the winter break.

Come out and support the teams! And for those of you who can not make it, check back in Wednesday on the 2012-2013 Season page for articles on the matches.

Site updates
- Created 2012-2013, History, About us, and a second Standings page
- Re arranged the sites' pages (the Google document with the standings is the page under Standings).
- Removed regular season stats page (as it was not feasible this year).
- Updated the Schedule, and some text.

Let the Games Begin!

posted Sep 22, 2012, 9:58 PM by Carolinas Commissioner

Our inaugural season has finally arrived.  Two events have already happened at Greensboro, NC and Conway, SC.  Tons of games are still to come, so stay tuned.  Check out www.facebook.com/carolinasquidditchconference for constant updates. The next event will be September 29th, at Duke university in Durham, NC.

Site Updates:
- Changed parts of the schedule; Listed a few game dates.
- Added Standings page, and created viewable google document.

Start of Regular Season

posted Aug 28, 2012, 9:02 AM by Carolinas Commissioner

Regular Season kicks off with UNC @ UNCG September 15th on the fields located next to the baseball stadium. Invite everyone you know in the triad, and anyone willing to make the drive from further out.

In other news, August 25th, was the last preseason event before regular season. WIlmington, NC, hosted a beach quidditch event entitled 'Whomping Wilmington". The blue team won the event against green *90-60 in OT.

Upcoming Tournaments

posted Mar 13, 2012, 8:31 AM by Carolinas Commissioner

Three big tournaments coming up in about a month or less:

CofC hosted tourney - Charleston, SC - March 24th

Tobacco Road Quidditch Cup II - Raleigh, NC - March 31st

The Greensboro Gauntlet - Greensboro, NC - April 14th

This will probably be the last games of the year, unless the first real "pre-season"/future all-star tournament/beach game actually happens.

Pre-Season Scores (some scores missing)

posted Feb 26, 2012, 8:55 AM by Carolinas Commissioner

Many games played are unaccounted for. This is just a list of the games I currently know:

Fall 2011:

UNCG @ Duke - November 5th

-UNCG vs* Duke = Duke Win (score lost; at least 50 point lead)

UNCG Mini-Tourney

-UNCG *280-110 ETSU = UNCG Win
-UNCG *40-10 APP + UNCG Win
-APP *vs ETSU = APP Win (score lost; at least 50 point lead)

chapin @ USC? (unsure on host)

-Chapin 0-40* USC = USC Win
-Chapin *100-0 USC = Chapin WIn
-Chapin *70-0 USC = Chapin Win

Spring 2012

UNC @ UNCG - January 28th

-UNC 170-140* UNCG = UNC Win
-UNC *70-40 UNCG = UNC Win

UNCG @ APP - February 11th

-UNCG 0-30* APP = APP Win
-UNCG *40-30 APP = UNCG Win

Raleigh Charter @ Enloe - February 19th

-RCHSvsEnloe = Enloe Win (unsure on match specifics)

USC @ Chapin - February 25th

-Chapin *60-0 USC = Chapin Win
-Chapin 50-40* USC = Chapin WIn

Duke@ UNCG - February 25th

-Duke*180-130 UNCG = Duke Win

(waiting on VT tourney scores for APP. Let me know of any scores left out from nc/sc teams)
* = Snitch catch (worth 30 points)


posted Feb 1, 2012, 9:13 AM by Carolinas Commissioner

This is a test announcement. This is a test.

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